Top 10 Series Like Jewish Matchmaking Netflix Original 

Here is a list of related series you might like if the "Jewish Matchmaking" series' plot caught your attention.

Published: May 4th, 2023 4:22 am | Updated: May 4, 2023 4:22 am

Jewish Matchmaking, a program hosted by acclaimed matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom, will follow singles from Israel and the United States as they use the age-old method of shidduchim to discover their true love. 

Jewish Matchmaking’s premise will be very similar to that of the first Matchmaking franchise. But this time, the program will give the Jewish custom of shidduch—matchmaking—a contemporary twist.

Matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom, who also hosts the show, is a major factor in the program’s overall success. The founder of Marriage Minded Mentor, Ben-Shalom, is dedicated to helping singles discover the right partner. 

Here is a list of related series you might like if the “Jewish Matchmaking” series’ plot caught your attention. The majority of these ‘Jewish Matchmaking” inspired programs are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Top 10 Series Like Jewish Matchmaking Netflix Original 

The list of top 10 series similar to Jewish Matchmaking includes the following:

    1. Indian Matchmaking (2020- Present)

Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking is a reality television show that was produced in India in 2020 by Smriti Mundhra and made its debut on Netflix on July 16, 2020. Both critics and viewers on social media had different opinions about the program.

Sima Taparia, Mumbai’s most renowned matchmaker, uses her decades’ worth of experiences, insights, and traditional matchmaking techniques to assist singles in finding the partners who are best suited to them.

    2. Perfect Match (2023)

 Perfect Match

Chris Coelen is the mastermind of the dating reality show Perfect Match, which is produced by Kinetic Content. Participants in the series engage in challenges in pairs with competitors from other Netflix reality series.

Critics have generally given Perfect Match good reviews. Three bisexual cast members have been praised for the show’s inclusion, which differs from the usual pattern of reality dating programs that only feature heterosexual couples.

    3. Young, Free & Single (2015)

Young, Free & Single

A group of six young singles is helped to find love in a reality series hosted by Steve Jones. While hunting for love in London’s East End during the British summer, the singletons share an apartment.

Over the course of eight weeks, cameras follow their activities as they go on blind dates, meet online matches, and communicate with ex-partners. The viewers are urged to rate the dates via social media in order to have some input on the pairing process. 

    4. Mom vs. Matchmaker (2016)

Mom vs. Matchmaker

The goal of the television show Mom vs. Matchmaker is to pair up the ideal millennial couple. The moms of the participants are challenged by matchmaking expert Carmelia Ray to locate a compatible date for their child.

In the hopes that their choice will be selected, each will schedule a date. Daniel Oron, Natasha Ryan, and Miguel Santos are the producers of Mom vs. Matchmaker for Go Button Media and Myx TV, respectively.

    5. Confessions of a Matchmaker (2007)

Confessions of a Matchmaker
The New York Times

The American reality television program “Confessions of a Matchmaker” is broadcast on the A&E Network in the United States. This reality television show, which is filmed in Buffalo, New York, follows real-life matchmaker Patti Novak as she works to set up dates for her single clients.

Every episode begins with Patti interviewing two fresh clients and asking them questions on a variety of subjects, such as why they haven’t had luck in love in the past.

   6. Streetmate (1998-2017)

Digital Spy

The first season of the reality dating game program Streetmate aired on Channel. The host chooses an eligible man or woman from the streets, and with their assistance, they approach other equally eligible people of the same or opposing s*x to go on a date.

The couple will then go on a date and report back on whether it was successful or not.

    7. Love Is Blind (2013- Present)

Love Is Blind

A dating reality TV show titled Love Is Blind was developed by Chris Coelen and released by Kinetic Content. It debuted on Netflix.

The show follows thirty singles from the same metropolitan area, fifteen men and fifteen women, all of whom are looking for romantic partners.

Within four weeks of its debut, 30 million households, according to Netflix, had watched the show. 

    8. Psychic Matchmaker (2015)

Psychic Matchmaker
Apple TV

The television show Psychic Matchmaker follows a local psychic who makes a living by utilizing her prophetic skills to match people with their soul mates.

The neighborhood psychic accepts new clients and organizes date nights to assist them in finding their ideal soul mate.

    9. Matched in Manhattan (2008)

Matched in Manhattan

New York relationship specialist and dating coach Matt Titus host this series in which he counsels eligible singles (including gay men) through a rigorous course in interpersonal communication in an effort to help them meet the man of their dreams.

Titus guides clients through the streets and restaurants of New York to demonstrate what it takes to find the appropriate partner. He is occasionally joined by his wife Tamsen Fadal and associate Eddie Varley.

    10. Dating In The Dark (2009)

Dating In The Dark

The dating reality show “Dating in the Dark” made its debut on the ABC television network on July 20, 2009. The format of the program was inspired by a Dutch dating program called Daten in het Donker, which translates to “Dating in the Dark.”

The show centers on three men and three women who are locked away in separate parts of the house, unable to communicate with one another outside of the dark chamber.