The Perfect Match Cast Reveals Who Is Still Together?

Perfect Match, a brand-new dating program on Netflix, successfully wrapped up its first season. The new Netflix series’ idea is straightforward: pulling well-known actors from…

Published: March 4th, 2023 2:39 am | Updated: March 4, 2023 2:39 am

Perfect Match, a brand-new dating program on Netflix, successfully wrapped up its first season. The new Netflix series’ idea is straightforward: pulling well-known actors from some of its most well-liked reality programs, like Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot To Handle, and placing them in a house in Panama City.

There, the reality TV personalities had to complete a series of tasks and go on dates to discover their “ideal match,” with new pairs forming every night.

Who may be in the Perfect Match Season 2 Cast?

Perfect Match
Entertainment Weekly

If the program were to return, Nick Lachey would host it again. About the cast of singles, Netflix has access to a vast pool. Love Is Blind’s third season recently ended, and some viewers believe that the return of Raven and SK would be even more dramatic.

Not to add that Season 4 of Love Is Blind will premiere very soon!

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When will Season 2 Of Perfect Match be released?

Perfect Match

Let’s Take A look at the release date of perfect match season 2.

There is no official release date yet, but considering that Season 1 of Perfect Match was shot in early 2022 and released on Valentine’s Day 2023, we can presumably wait around a year.

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Do any of the couples remain together from ‘Perfect Match’?

There were just three couples that declared themselves to be perfect mates when all 12 episodes were complete.

Francesca Farago and Hassarati
Francesca Farago and Hassarati

Although Gabriel had previously declared his love for Francesca Farago and Hassarati had been seen dating other individuals in the early parts of the show, the two quickly grew close about midway through their time on the reality competition.

As their fellow co-stars cast votes for the pair they thought was the “ideal match,” the couple ultimately won the title of Perfect Match at the season finale.

The title implied that they could pick any destination for a weeklong vacation. Gabriel, who is from Toronto, Canada, claims that since Hassarati is from Brisbane, Australia, the distance was a factor in their choice to split up.

Gabriel stated that even though they are no longer together, he is interested in the “future” for him and Hassarati.

Vietch and Jansen
Vietch and Jansen

Even though Vietch and Jansen clicked right away on their blind date, their chemistry was tested when Vietch’s ex-boyfriend Mitchell Eason showed up at the estate.

After resolving their argument in episode 10, the ex-couple temporarily reconnected until Vietch and Jansen realized they were meant to be together. The couple also said they were “perfect matches” at the season finale.

Regrettably, it looked like they dissolved their romance when Perfect Match ended after the show had finished.

Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden
Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden
Entertainment Weekly

At the end of the season, Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden got back together, forming a “Perfect Match” just in time for the season’s finale.

They admitted at the finale that they probably weren’t the right match for one another, even though they appeared happy together, and said they wanted to keep dating when the shooting was over.

Because the couple is still following each other on Instagram, it is unknown if they have remained together.

Nicholas Uhlenhuth and Lauren Chamblin
Nicholas Uhlenhuth and Lauren Chamblin

Nicholas Uhlenhuth and Lauren Chamblin, One of the season’s latter unions, were that of Chamblin and Uhlenhuth, who fell in love in the last few episodes.

However, Uhlenhuth informed Chamblin he couldn’t tell whether she was his ideal Match. Hence, the pair needed to be convinced about their ability to stay outside the home before the series’ conclusion.

Even though they continue to follow each other on Instagram, social media signs indicate they cannot make things work.