Cross Got “Green Light” for “Season 2” on Prime Video!

Cross on Prime Video got the green light for Season 2 just as they dropped the first trailer. Here’s what we’ve got so far on the upcoming Alex Cross adaptation.

Prime Video recently gave us a taste of what’s to come with the first teaser trailer for Cross, the action-packed series based on James Patterson’s novels. It’s all about Alex Cross (Aldis Hodge), a detective and forensic psychologist who’s all about getting inside criminals’ heads to crack their cases wide open.

Cross Season 1 | Official Teaser

The teaser introduces Cross, Metro PD’s golden boy as someone calls him. While he’s got skills in the interrogation room, we also see him juggling his personal and professional life.

The teaser sets the tone with fast-paced car chases, explosions, and crime scenes. But what really shines through is Cross’s intense character. He’s not shy about being called “Detective Alex Cross” and dives headfirst into investigations, sure he’s already got space “rent-free” in the criminals’ minds.

Still, there are glimpses of Cross’s softer side, especially his family life, showing he’s not all tough all the time.

Amazon’s keeping the Cross story hush-hush for now, not saying which novel they’re starting with.

They might kick off with Along Came a Spider, where Cross tackles a kidnapping case. Or they could dive into Cross (2006), delving into his wife’s murder, a major theme throughout the series. But hey, who knows? They might surprise us and start somewhere totally new.

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Who’s On Deck for Season 1 of Cross?


Hodge, famous for playing Hawkman in Black Adam, takes the lead as Cross. Shadowhunter star Isaiah Mustafa plays Cross’s buddy and partner in crime-solving, John Sampson.

Child actress Melody Hurd steps into the role of Cross’s daughter, Janelle, while Juanita Jennings nails the part of Cross’s grandma, Regina “Nana Mama” Cross.

The rest of the crew includes Jennifer Wigmore as Chief Anderson, Mercedes de la Zerda as Det. Sharon Taylor as Lt. Oracene Massey, Amielynn Vega, and Stacie Greenwell as Det. Shawana De Lackner, plus Darnell Bartholomew as Phineas Carter, Siobhan Murphy as Tania Hightower, Ashley Rios as Malika Godspeed, and Briana Starks as Melanie Norris.

Amazon’s keeping the release date for Cross under wraps, but the teaser hints it’s coming “soon.” We’re hoping to see it drop later this year.

And get this—even before Season 1 hits our screens, Amazon’s already given the thumbs-up for Season 2. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride!