Kelly Clarkson Dissed Ex-husband Brandon Blackstock In A New Song Called Means!

Kelly Clarkson recently dissed her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in a new song called Mine. It is very common for musicians to write their lyrics for the song which may or may not be inspired by the real event.

Sometimes it is related to the motivation they get or other times it is related to their personal as well as professional life.

Talking about personal life then coming together with someone in a romantic relationship or getting away from it, is one of the common subjects of the musician.

The same recently happened with Kelly Clarkson. After getting separated from her ex-husband, that is Brandon, fans were waiting for her to release a new song as they were suspecting it to be influenced by her past relationship.

And that’s what recently happened as the singer has released a new song. The name of the song is called Mine which is directly or indirectly related to her ex-husband.

According to one footage that was shared on Twitter, the American singer started recording new music.

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Kelly Clarkson and Ex-husband Brandon Blackstock Legal Drama, and New Song.

Kelly Clarkson

Even though the song has not been revealed, we can see a little glimpse of Kelly Clarkson throwing shade at her fake relationship with Brandon. She also reflected on everything related to the heart which was borrowed. The lyrics were related to using the heart which her husband did to her.

When it comes to this single song then it is going to release on 14 April 2023. It will be related to her upcoming album called Chemistry as the singer has decided to go with the hit. She has already talked about all these things on 26 March 2023.

Talking clearly about the inspiration for the album then Kelly Clarkson has already discussed it. She said that the entire album will be based upon her relationship which is not going to just come to one thing. It means that it is not going to end up with the bad thing or the ugly thing but also would be related to the good moment.

Kelly Clarkson got married to Brandon Blackstock in October 2013. But due to many differences, they have decided to go with divorce in 2020.

Even after the separation, they both were seen into a legal fight related to the custody of children which later on went in the favor of the singer.