Kelly Clarkson Is Not In A Mood Of Dating Again After Her Separation From Ex Husband Brandon !

Kelly Clarkson shared she won’t be dating anyone soon. It happens in most of the cases of Hollywood couples that once they get separated from each other then they get involved in other relationships.

We have seen many such couples in recent days, they got separated from their husbands and now they are living their happy life with their new partners. We have seen Kardashian sister in such a category. But it is very rare to see that some celebrities do choose to remain single after the separation, Kelly Clarkson is among them.

Kelly Clarkson is a 39-year-old singer who is well known for her incredible voice and amazing personality. The singer is also known for her own talk show as well as her being the judge of the famous reality show The Voice. When it comes to her personal life then Kelly is living happily after the separation from her husband Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly and Brandon got separated after almost 7 years of their marriage and now they both are living separately. Their news of separation came as a shock for many of us.

What more did Kelly Clarkson share about not dating?


After the separation from her husband, Kelly chooses to remain single. She is not yet sure to go into a relationship. Her friend is very supportive of her. They have stood by her side after the divorce and they are still with her. They have also tried to set Kelly with someone but it seems that Kelly is happy all alone. Her friend also wants her to be happy.

They have encouraged her and told her to give some time of thought to her dating someone but it seems that Kelly is not giving this thing much importance in her life. She just knows it very clear that all she deserves or wants is to get treated very incredibly by someone very special.

Brandon and Kelly started dating each other in the year 2012 and in 2013 they decided to get married. After the marriage, they had two babies, a daughter whose name is River Rose who is 7 years old now, and a son whose name is Remy, five years old.

In June 2020, the couple got separated, although their divorce is yet to finalize they are single legally. When it comes to her divorce from her ex-husband then Kelly said that it was the right decision. She said that none of them were happy in marriage. She said that she deserves better and Brandon too and their kids too deserve better.

It is just that she has so much to deal with in her life that she doesn’t have much time yet to date anyone. Whenever she will feel that it is the right time then she will definitely think about it.

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