Will Fauda Season 5 happen or Not ? – Confirmed by Main Lead

Fauda Season 5 will be confirmed by Netflix or not? The Israeli defense force series will be back for another season or not? This is the most common question among fans of the show worldwide. As we all know season 4 was the most speculated series and finally, Netflix delivered its promise on January 20, 2023. And after it was released it’s become the most-watched series in Lebanon and Israel, the show has also become top 10 in almost 21 countries.

If you don’t know season 4 of the show is among the top 10 non-English tv series in 21 countries on Netflix, including the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Jordan, the Czech Republic, Qatar, Cyprus, and Serbia.

The series is based on its creator’s real-life experiences in the Israeli Defense Forces. Lior Raz has also acted in the show as the main lead ‘Doron’. All the reviews and the audience reaction are really very overwhelming for the creators, but yet the show has not been renewed for Season 5.

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Will Fauda Season 5 happen or Not?

Although the television series Fauda was started as a satellite network show, it was later picked up by Netflix on 2 December 2016 after season 1 became popular on television. Season 2 and Season 3 were confirmed by the production company “Yes Oh” within just one week of the premiere. But It’s been more than a week now that Season 4 has been released but neither the creators nor the studio has confirmed Fauda Season 5.

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In an interview with Express, the creators of the show have not hinted anything regarding Fauda Season 5. Still, Magen David Adom had said once “We are talking about a movie very seriously. As to whether there will be more seasons, we don’t know yet, we are open to it.”

As of now, the series has become one of the most-watched shows in various countries. Netflix generally takes 30 days to renew any popular show too, so we can say that we will get Fauda Season 5 for sure within a week or month.

The creators of Fauda have also released a video for the reviews and reactions to Season 4, You can watch it here:

When can we expect Season 5?

In 2019 season 3 was realized and in 2022 Fauda Season 4 was released on television and now it’s available on Netflix. So I think by 2024 we can expect Season 5 or we can also get Season 5 in 2023 too, as the creators are thinking about a feature film based on the series too.

How can you watch Season 4?

Fauda Season 4 has already been released on Netflix and it’s available to watch all the 12 episodes at once.