Sunny Leone top hottest avatars on Instagram

Sunny Leone debuted with hot and sizzling looks in Bollywood and she has completed more than 10 years in Bollywood with her bold looks, She is also very very popular on Instagram, where she has 54.3 Million followers and she is really very amazing on her social media profiles. In this article, we have grabbed the hottest looks of her on Instagram.

Top Hottest Avatars of Sunny Leone on Instagram

Sunny Leone is one of the most glamorous and good-looking actresses in Bollywood and she is also very popular and controversial because of her past career choices, But we are not here t discuss her past we are discussing the hottest pictures and videos of her on Instagram.

1. Sunny Leone on Dabbu Ratnani’s Calender

The Actress has shot various times for a famous photographer named Dabbu Ratnani, and in the year 2020, Sunny posted a picture that went viral on the internet which was taken by Dabbu for his summer calendar.

In the picture, Sunny Leone can be seen in a purple dress and this is one of the most-sensuous pictures of her on the internet.

2. Calm sitted Sunny

The second picture has also been taken by Dabbu Ratnani for his calender, In this picture, Leone can be seen sitting in a very tight posture and she is looking extremely hot and calm at the same time in the picture.

This is one of the most-liked pictures of Sunny Leone. And she had also got trolled for the picture.

3. Floral Sunny

In the next picture, the acress can be seen in a floral hot dress.

The candy theme photoshoot was again done by the same Dabbu Ratnani and we can say that sunny is more than a diva in terms of beauty.

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4. Sensuous Sunny Leone

This is also one of the most-liked and hot photos of Sunny Leone and again this one is also taken by Dabbu Ratnani. In the picture, Sunny can be seen in a dark brown dress with a very bold look.

5. The Maldives Fever

Bollywood Actress often go to Maldives or Mauritius for hot photos and videos. The Actress has also been to these vacation destinations many times. She has posted this video on her Instagram and she is looking extremely hot in this video too.

Actually, this video is just a collection of various bold poses from the Maldives.

The Murder 3 Actress have always been admired in Indian Saree too, In the below pictures the actress can be seen in Saree.

Sunny Leone in Saree
Sunny Leone / Instagram

In 2023, Sunny Leone will be seen in movies Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi Movies like Rangeela, Veeramadevi, Shero, Oh My Ghost (OMG), Koka Kola, Helen, and The Battle of Bhima Koregaon.

Other Pictures of Sunny Leone

BOllywood Actress Sunny
BOllywood Actress Sunny
BOllywood Actress Sunny
Sunny Leone Drops Bomb Pics On Instagram
BOllywood Actress Sunny
Sunny Leone
BOllywood Actress Sunny
BOllywood Actress Sunny