Angelina Jolie Pleaded For Afghan Women As Taliban Banned Higher Education For Women!

Angelina Jolie has asked for help after sharing an emotional letter that was related to Afghan women getting banned from education. The condition of women in some corners of the world is still as if we are living in the 14th or 15th century.

They are nothing less than a toy for men where their freedom and their rights are captivated in the hands of men.

Men are getting all the authority whether it is related to the home or the country of such corners. But if we talk about the improvement in the scenario then some of the celebrities came forward and asked for help.

Among them is Angelina Jolie who shared an emotional letter while asking for the help of Afghanistan women.

She pleaded with Congress to support Afghanistan women after the Taliban rulers banned women from attending Universities and education. The actress has shared a letter from her Afghan friend and try to get support.

The actress said: “I received a new letter today from my young Afghan friend. I’m protecting her name and identity for her and her family’s sake.”

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Here is what Angelina Jolie Said About the Taliban Banning Higher Education for Women.

She talked about how the Taliban sent men to Afghan girls who were going to universities. It means they are having a complete ban from their High School Education and it has become a country or we can say the only country that banned education for women.

The actress Angelina Jolie has also highlighted the words of her friend that how every woman and girl is wishing in Afghanistan to be born a boy. And the wish is continuing because they don’t have even the right to get educated anymore.

The actress called the letter and this new order of Taliban nothing less than depressing as it is breaking many dreams. Angelina Jolie continues and said that how people are watching the news and speaking nothing about it.

And that’s the reason why Angelina Jolie came in front and pleaded to make a request. She has pleaded with the policymakers in America to take some action by continuing some words.