Brad Pitt Accused of Physical Abuse Amid Angelina Jolie Winery Battle!

Angelina Jolie Said that we all have bad times in our lives when we feel broken!! “A couple that in the brink of disaster”.

Brad Pitt versus Angelina Jolie in the new 13-page Vanity Fair expose the big Revelation and Brad wanted their French Chateau to be a love better to Angie and the kids instead the bitter legal battle over the winery has become a real-life war of the Rose a play on the 1989 film.

Quotes from the article in the beginning Brad thought the world of that woman outside the master bedroom he installed 30 small screens that flash pictures of the kids he also built a petting zoo and filled it with rabbits, goats, chickens, and peacocks for the family to enjoy which is special to give it new life.

Brad also transformed the recording studio he said that it was pretty dank in here you know it still smelled like the 70s or maybe 80s to be fair.

In 2013 Brad transferred 10 percent of his share to Angelina to make her an equal partner, Which was seemingly a show of his love that’s why when Angie reportedly sold those shares for about 54 million dollars it could be interpreted as a slap in Brad’s face. 

So, This case is not only about the money but it’s really about the time and the heart and the soul that he put into this business that was supposed to be for his kids.

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More About Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Winery Battle!

Brad Pitt
The New York Times

Now the recent legal feud between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie regarding s 500$ million French Winery has been twisted, Brown Pitt has emerged victorious in the latest phase of a legal battle between Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The quote has ruled in favor of Brad Pitt, a high-profile case centered around the ownership of the French winemaking estate Chateau Miraval; it was purchased by Pitt and Lee in 2008.

The report suggests that the Lenberg quote at least temporarily ruled in pits favor returning 10% of the land to him until a final decision is reached as a result pitt currently maintained a 60 by 40 split in ownership allowing him to retain control of the property this legal tassel intensified after Jolie sold her shares to Yuri sheer the owner of the Russian vodka giant.

Pitt held 60% and Jolie owned 40% following their wedding at the winery in 2014 Pitt gifted Jolie an additional 10% transforming the ownership structure into a 50/50 split. When they Separated in 2016 Pitt contested the validity of Jolie’s sale of her shares.

Vanity Fair also claims Angelina blasted Brad in an email for this ad where the actor who is now sober is asleep in a lounger chair Angie reportedly writes the image “reminded me of painful times” The article sums it all up like this and Jolie’s telling it’s a tale of alcohol abuse and financial control for Pitt it’s one of Vengeance and retribution now, we have this undertone of a divorce of allegations of abuse of child custody.