Kim Kardashian Was Seen Wearing Tiny Shorts In A New Selfie

Recently Kim Kardashian Posted a selfie on her Instagram, covering her face but showing of her black leather boots. Fashion is something that is defined by many celebrities in their style and in a unique way.

Whether it is related to jewelry or clothing, some of them have started their line. But when it comes to a brand that is different from others then they never try to leave a chance to show off even in casual outings.

If we talk about the fashion that was there in many celebrities of Hollywood in recent times then most of them were seen in very casual outings. Among them is Kim Kardashian who was recently seen wearing tiny shots and high boots in a s*xy new selfie.

The 42-year-old reality star Kim Kardashian is an icon in terms of fashion. It was on 21 November 2022 when the model and reality star proved her fashion with high boots and a top.

She uploaded a picture of a mirror selfie where Kim Kardashian was seen sitting in her massive closet. She was wearing a rocking dress and then boots leather.

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Here you can check out Kim Kardashian’s post showing off her Boots.

The star Kim Kardashian has shown is black most of the time which gives an athletic vibe. The athletic vibe came from her grey Adidas top. She was wearing her blonde long straight hair while carrying minimal makeup. One can see her sitting on the couch that is available in the closet.

There are a lot of fans of Kim Kardashian on Instagram and that’s the reason why the reality star is always active. If we talk about her followers and the reaction they have given then most of them have appreciated her looks. Some people called her beautiful and s*xy while others focused on her outfit.

Coming to the brand that she was wearing then it was Adidas the same brand who has dropped her ex-husband Kanye West because of his antisemitic remarks. And that’s the reason why many comments also flooded related to the relationship Adidas has with Kim Kardashian or had with Kanye West.

One of the followers was shocked as she has worn Adidas, the same brand which was previously had the hands of Kanye West. Due to the antisemitic comments that were done by Kanye West on Twitter and other social media platforms, Kim Kardashian try to keep herself away from him and only meet because of their children.

According to the source: “After everything Kanye has done lately and all the controversial remarks and stances he’s taken, Kim just wants to distance herself as much as humanly possible from all this drama surrounding Kanye”

The source also said that: “Kim has told him she wants nothing to do with him when he acts like this, but Kanye doesn’t seem to care”