Emily Ratajkowski Liked Tweet Dating Pete Davidson Amid Their Dating Rumours!

Is Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson really dating? You’ll find it out here. It happens in Hollywood that every week a new couple emerges as official or rumored. The same also happens with their break up or getting married.

But if we talk about the positive side of coming into a relationship then a lot of celebrities recently changed their status from being single to becoming single.

Whether it is related to having a serious relationship or taking everything at a slow pace, everything is getting covered in the news. Something like this happened recently when Pete Davidson was rumored to be dating Emily Ratajkowski.

It was recently when Emily Ratajkowski was rumored to be dating the comedian and anchor Pete Davidson. The 31-year-old model has also dropped the hint of dating Pete Davidson. It was on 14 November 2022 when she trolled the fans on Twitter by liking one of the tweets about dating Davidson.

The tweet was related to “I will be dating Pete Davidson next” written by an 81-year-old musician. After this activity of model, a lot of fans are going and considering it as nothing less than a hint in confirming her relationship. When it comes to the tweet then a lot of people are not believing that musician Dionne has written all these things.

Some called it a Heartbreaker singer while others believed that someone else is running the account.

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Emily Ratajkowski And Pete Davidson Dating Rumors.

Emily Ratajkowski

This liking of a tweet by Emily Ratajkowski came after one day after their rumors of romance. According to a source the couple is right now dating each other however the official announcement by them has not arrived.

They are dating for almost a couple of months now and when it comes to their relationship then it is right now in the early stages. However, the feelings they share for each other are really strong.

Coming to the previous relationship of Emily Ratajkowski then she was in a relationship with her ex-husband Sebastian from 2018 to 2022. It was on 8 September 2022 when she filed for divorce from Sebastian. Coming to her baby then they both will be co-parenting it.

The relationship Davidson has ever shared recently was with Kim Kardashian. The couple has got a lot of attention however, the 9 months of the relationship came to an end in 2022.

They started dating each other in October 2021 and has also made it official through social media post and giving appearances on the red carpet like Met Gala. They both were indeed serious in this relationship however, the reason behind their breakup is still not clear.

Coming to Emily Ratajkowski then she has opened up about being single after getting separated from her husband. She even confessed to feeling all kinds of emotions like anger and sadness and also excitement with joy. She is quite happy in her life after the separation and it can be seen through her saying feeling all those things that she wanted.

Emily Ratajkowski also talked about it was hard for her to go on a date with someone and think about how much she likes them or doesn’t. She also thought about how they would perceive her on a date and what they wanted from her.