Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Wants A Special and Unique Man!

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular names in the Hollywood industry, the 43-year-old socialite and media personality has been one of the most influential personalities across the globe in the last fifteen years.

Over the years, Kim has established herself as a brand, she is a very successful entrepreneur who runs several businesses and is now a billionaire.

Kim Kardashian and Controversies.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian opened up about her marriage plans and the type of person she wants. Kim Kardashian is not only a successful businesswoman but also the most talked about woman in the world, she has over 364 million followers on Instagram which makes her the eighth most followed individual on the popular social media platform.

Kim also remains in the news most of the time for some reason or the other, from her leaked sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J in 2007 to her controversial relationship with popular rapper and her now ex-husband Kanye West, Kim’s career has been a series of controversial events which also played a part in her worldwide recognition.

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What’s Going on In Kim’s Life?

Kim Kardashian
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Kim was married to Grammy winner rapper Kanye West from 2014 to 2022, their marriage and dating were always on and off and it was a wild ride as long as it lasted.

Kim’s divorce from Kanye turned out to be pretty ugly as the rapper said some nasty things about Kim on social media platforms, later when Kim was dating comedian and actor Pete Davidson, Kanye didn’t like it at all and went after Pete issuing threats on X (formerly Twitter). Finally, Kim broke up with Pete on August 22 and since then she has stayed single.

In a recent episode of This Life of Mine with James Corden, Kim was asked whether she would be willing to marry for the fourth time or not. to which Kim said that she doesn’t know at this point of time in her life. She later said that she doesn’t feel lonely, she has work, kids, and family to take care of, but it would be great to find someone with whom she can share her life.

Kim also said that she believes marrying someone is a big deal for her so she wants the person to be very special and unique and someone who can deal with life.

Kim is now looking for someone who is not very famous but a genuine person who understands life, has a purpose, and is driven, and finally who has good teeth.