Top 10 Netflix Series To Watch!!!

If you are wondering what you should watch first, and from where you should start your list of the series, here we’re with the Top 10 Netflix Series you must watch.

Netflix remains a powerful force in the streaming game, offering an abundance of content for the general public to enjoy. Netflix is well renowned for providing everything, from original films like Red Notice to reality shows like The Circle.

However, the original TV series produced by the streaming giant are some of the most fascinating entertainment.

Right now, Netflix has an absurdly large selection of original series, making it nearly impossible to keep up with them all. From action and adventure to suspenseful dramas, the breadth of these genres demonstrates that these shows appeal to a wide spectrum of individuals due to the dramatic storylines and relatable characters.

Here is a list of the top 10 Netflix series available in 2022.

Top 10 Netflix Series To Watch

The top 10 Netflix series available in 2022 are shown below. So read this post through to the end to learn about the top Netflix TV shows.

1. The Crown

Top 10 Netflix

The Crown, one of Netflix’s most well-liked shows, is based on the Tony Award-winning play “The Audience” by showrunner Peter Morgan. This magnificent Netflix-original drama follows Queen Elizabeth II’s life from the 1940s to the present.

The first season provides an intimate look at the beginning of the queen’s reign as she succeeded her father, King George VI, at the young age of 25. As the years go by, it becomes clear that personal plots, love affairs, and political rivalry had a significant impact on the occasions that formed the latter decades of the 20th century.

2. Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

The dating reality show Love Is Blind was developed by Chris Coelen and was produced by Kinetic Content.

During the course of this reality dating series on Netflix, which is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, people meet and converse with each other through a wall, ultimately forming romantic ties despite never having actually seen each other in person.

The show centers on thirty singles from the same major city. Love Is Blind quickly rose to the top of the most popular list on Netflix.

3. Manifest


Manifest is a supernatural drama television series that was initially shown on NBC in the United States on September 24, 2018, and was created by Jeff Rake.

The focus is on the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner who unexpectedly emerged after going missing for five and a half years and were thought to be dead. Thanks to its well-picked cast, Manifest’s attempts to strike a balance between melodrama and otherworldly mystery mainly succeed.

4. Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun
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The plot of one of the well-known Netflix series, “Warrior Nun,” centers on a 19-year-old lady who awakens in a mortuary with a new lease on life and a divine relic embedded in her back. Based on Ben Dunn’s Warrior Nun Areala comic book character, Warrior Nun is an American fantasy drama web series produced by Simon Barry.

5. From Scratch 

From Scratch 

From Scratch is a limited drama series that was created by Attica Locke and Tembi Locke for the American streaming service Netflix. Its title is taken from Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name, and it stars Eugenio Mastrandrea and Zoe Saldana.

On October 21, 2022, the first of its eight episodes aired. The showrunner for the series was Attica Locke.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator website, the series received a 92% approval rating and an overall rating of 6.6/10 from 12 critic reviews.

6. Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling

Netflix has just released a brand-new series titled Dubai Bling, which focuses on wealthy and influential people.

The tv series gives viewers a magnificent tour of glitzy, golden Dubai. The turbulent lifestyles of the “high-flying social circle of Dubai” are the focus of this Netflix series.

Rivalries and developing romances take place against a backdrop of luxury. These self-made millionaires are free-spirited people who use Dubai Bling to look for love, money, and power.

7. Inside Man

Top 10 Netflix

Inside Man is an excellent choice for a television series to watch on Netflix. A brand-new four-episode crime thriller miniseries titled INSIDE MAN is available on Netflix.

The most incredible actors and actresses are featured in this show, which was created by Steven Moffat. The plot has the most compelling narrative.

In addition to the fact that the extremely intense storyline unfolds over a few days, each episode frequently ends on a brand-new cliffhanger. If you enjoy crime and suspense shows, you’ll love this one.

8. Til Money Do Us Part 

Top 10 Netflix

The first season of the Spanish tv series “Til Money Do Us Part” remained at the top of the weekly list of the top 10 non-English television series on Netflix for the third week in a row.

It generated 52.23 million watch hours between October 31 and November 6.

9. Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer- Story


The first season of the American real crime anthology series Monster, which was developed by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan for Netflix, is titled Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The season centers on the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters). In the first week after its debut, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ranked as Netflix’s most popular series. Within 28 days, it rose to the position of second-most-watched English-language series on Netflix.

10. Pablo Escober, The Drug Lord

Top 10 Netflix

Andrés Parra portrays the title character in Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord, a Colombian television series.

This Colombian-American telenovela made its debut in 2012, and over the course of its 113 episodes, it follows the unusual life of a drug trafficker, from the beginning of his criminal career to the establishment of the foundations of his drug distribution network.