Victoria Beckham Got Emotional After Meeting Nicola Peltz At Paris Fashion Week!

Victoria Beckham Become Emotional As She Met Nicola Peltz At Paris Fashion Week! It feels very happy and emotional to see our favorite people like…

Published: November 9th, 2022 8:44 am | Updated: November 9, 2022 8:44 am

Victoria Beckham Become Emotional As She Met Nicola Peltz At Paris Fashion Week! It feels very happy and emotional to see our favorite people like family and friends giving their best to their work.

And if we are witnessing in front of our eyes then the matter is something else. The same has happened with a lot of celebrities who got emotional and broke down in front of their family or friends.

Something like this has happened with the former model Victoria Beckham who recently got emotional. She got emotionally related to her union with Nicola Peltz during Paris Fashion Week.

Victoria Beckham got emotional as she was walking down the runway. It was on 30 September in Paris Fashion Week when she was photographed.

The designer got emotional and had tears in her eyes while she was covering her face while walking down the stage. She was wearing a black dress from her brand and matched it with black tides.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Victoria Beckham from Paris Fashion Week.

The moment became very touching as her eldest son and his wife were sitting in the front row. The eldest son is Brooklyn and his wife is Nicola who was there to cheer up Victoria Beckham. Their attendance was not confirmed until the whole show has started when they were seen in the crowd.

In between the rumors that Victoria Beckham and Nicola are not going well with each other, we have seen both of them together sharing an emotional moment. It was not just two of them but also David Beckham. In between the breakup rumor that went for the couple, we have seen the husband supporting his wife.

Apart from these three, the youngest of the family kids was also there to support the mother. Coming to the arrival then newly married couple Brooklyn and Nicola arrived at the Paris Fashion Week separately. It is yet not confirmed whether they are going to stay in the city or not.

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Victoria Beckham met with her family just before the show started. She posted those moments on Instagram and said she has finished some details and ran into her family. When the show ended the former model and current designer uploaded an image of her entire family.

Just before the Paris Fashion Week, Victoria shared what it is for her to make this iconic fashion event for the first time. She said it is a very big deal for her to do the shows as it has always been a dream.

She added and said: “I always show clothes that are wearable. It’s never just about creating a silhouette that no one’s gonna buy and then selling a lot of bags. I sell what I show on the catwalk. I certainly felt a lot of pressure knowing I was going to show in Paris.”