Nothing Ear 1: Design, Sound Quality, Features, and more!

Nothing’s first try at genuine wireless earphones hits many boxes. These are among the lightest and most comfortable earbuds, weighing only 4.7g. The Nothing Ear 1 also boasts a fantastic sound, active noise cancellation, and a good microphone.

The Nothing Ear 1 is an excellent genuine wireless earphone alternative if you don’t require the latest, best, or most customization.

Design of Nothing Ear 1 

Nothing Ear 1
The Guardian

The Nothing Ear 1 is incredibly unique in its design. So if you want earbuds that stand out from the crowd, these are the ones to get.

Both the earphones and the charging case are practically transparent. The only elements not see-through are the earbud housing and the bottom of the charging case.

Each earbud stem is touch-sensitive, with a standard array of buttons to customize. The Nothing Ear 1 app allows you to change settings in addition to the usual choices. This is also where voice assistant support may be configured.

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Price and Availability 

Nothing Ear 1

The Nothing Ear 1 is available now for $100, making them reasonably priced for noise-canceling wireless earbuds.

Previously exclusively accessible through a limited drop on the Nothing website, they are now available through 9third-party merchants such as Amazon. There are both black and white variants to pick from.

Noise cancellation 

Nothing Ear 1

The Nothing Ear 1’s active noise reduction performance is comparable to other sub-$100 true wireless earbuds. Although the technology does not wipe out the world around you, background noises are dampened.

Isolation depends on your ability to acquire a good fit and a tight seal, therefore, use the appropriate size ear tips. Isolation is essential for filtering out high frequencies and random noise, but active noise cancellation targets low-frequency noises like an airplane engine or AC unit more aggressively.

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Battery Life and Connectivity

Nothing Ear 1

With ANC turned on, the Nothing Ear 1 provides approximately four hours of listening. When combined with the case, you should have roughly 24 hours total. If you turn off ANC, that number rises to 34.

It’s a consistent sum, if not outstanding in any direction. Fortunately, a 10-minute charge of the case yields around eight hours of playback time. It can be charged using either the wireless charging case or the USB-C connector.

Bluetooth 5.2 is used for connectivity. There is currently no Bluetooth multipoint or aptX/LDAC codec compatibility for high-resolution audio streaming. Pairing takes simply a few seconds the first time, and the earbuds never fail to connect.

The Nothing app displays the remaining battery life for each bud and allows you to select noise cancellation settings, touch controls, and equalization presets. However, there is no method to adjust the latter manually.

The Sound Quality

The Nothing Ear 1’s earlier version was lacking in several ways, but now they’re wonderful. While the bass may be a little deeper and louder, the mids seem clear and smooth, with a hint of sharpness. Unfortunately, the rhythm is always flat in this song.

A large soundstage makes you feel like you’re a part of the event, with Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy feeling like it’s coming at you from all angles. Listening to Foo Fighters’ All My Life makes you realize the bass might be more robust. However, switching to Queen’s Under Pressure makes you delighted with the finer elements.

Bottom line

The Nothing Ear 1 is a good option for anybody looking for low-cost wireless earphones. Nothing delivers a more complete and affordable wireless earbud in its first attempt than nearly any other manufacturer.

Nothing beats a genuinely wireless earpiece’s sound, active noise reduction, and comfortable fit. The Nothing Ear 1 stands out from the swarm of inexpensive earbuds with two features IPX4 waterproofing, auto play/pause, and wireless charging.

The Nothing Ear 1 isn’t the most excellent wireless earbuds on the market, but they’re a good alternative for those on a limited budget.