Samsung QNQ00B: Design, Sound Quality, Features, and More!

The Samsung QN800B is an 8K television that uses Samsung’s MiniLED technology. Those phrases immediately scream premium, and watching this TV is a simply breathtaking experience.

If you’re accustomed to lighter-weight flat displays, the QN800B may surprise you. With the stand, it weighs about 69 pounds. However, the weight is not exclusively on the TV; behind it is the intelligent Tizen Slim One Connect hub, which houses the latest Neural Quantum 8K processor.

It took some skill to get this hub to sit in the groove on the stand and lock in with the provided lid, but once that was accomplished, it’s practically a “set it and forget it” component. Of course, you may also install the hub or leave it on the side, but with this immersive TV, you’ll want to keep all distractions to a minimum.

The TV is 0.7-inch thick and has several ventilation holes to ensure that the heat generated is appropriately distributed. As a result, the Samsung TV becomes warm but not hot enough to harm wall plaster if mounted when watching movies or binge-watching TV series. That’s quite an accomplishment for an 8K-running machine.

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Price and Availability of Samsung QNQ00B

Samsung QNQ00B

The Samsung QN800B 8K MiniLED TV is now available for purchase, and the 65-inch model we’re evaluating costs $2,799, slightly less than it did at launch. There’s also a 75-inch version available for $3,499 and an 85-inch variant for $4,499.


The 8K display of the Samsung QN800B is incredible; the colors jump out on this device, perhaps a little oversaturated at times, but it truly brings whatever you’re viewing on the screen to life. This is made possible by Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology and the Mini LEDs that power the device’s display.

Brightness is not an issue here; even in direct sunshine, this gadget exceeds 1000 nits and becomes bright.

However, we recommend decreasing the brightness significantly if you want to use this gadget in a dark room.

The picture quality was also engrossing when gaming. The QN800B offers a 120Hz refresh rate, making it suitable for current-generation consoles such as the PS5.

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The Sound Quality of Samsung QNQ00B

Samsung QNQ00B

There’s actual width to its presentation and the slightest hint of height to Dolby Atmos soundtracks. The OTS+ technology also has an audible influence, and when combined, you get a TV that sounds much better than you may expect.

The mid-range, in particular, is vast and distinct, with a well-balanced tonal balance and plenty of fine detail. Only the bottom of the frequency band, which is predictably short on the presence and readily rattled by significant dynamic events, reveals the game.

Samsung has some very competent soundbars, and if you get one with ‘Q Symphony’ support, the QN800B’s audio system may continue contributing to the total speaker arrangement.

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The Gaming Experience on Samsung QNQ00B

Samsung QNQ00B
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All four HDMI inputs support 4K 120Hz, ALLM, VRR, and AMD FreeSync Pro and are HDMI 2.1, having a total of 48 Gbps bandwidth. At the same time, you include an input lag time of under 10ms (4K 60Hz) when in ‘Game’ mode; it’s clear that the next-generation console user is adequately provided for here.

Samsung’s ‘Game Bar’ function is also accessible, so if you want pop-up information like frame rate, refresh rate, and so on, it’s at your fingertips.


The QN800B OLED 8K TV from Samsung is as fantastic as it gets, but the high cost prevents me from truly committing to one. Nonetheless, I suggest the QN800B TV for people who want the finest in their living rooms or a future-proof television system if money is not an issue.

Furthermore, this TV was created for individuals who want to see every detail while watching and those who want a model that will most likely support the formats & resolutions that shows and movies will arrive in for the foreseeable future.