Adam Levine Spotted Bonding With His Kids And Wife After Cheating Scandal

Adam Levine Was Seen Forming Bond With His Two Kids And Wife After Cheating Scandal! Doesn’t matter how hard time it is, or how difficult it is to cope with it, a parent always tries to give their best to their children.

Whether it is related to having a tough time in professional life or personal life, everything vanishes away if one gets together with their children. The same is happening with many celebrities, including Adam Levine.

It was recently when the singer was seen having a great bond with his two children and his wife Behati Prinsloo after being surrounded by many cheating scandals.

It was recently when Adam Levine was surrounded by many cheating scandals and flirting. But when it comes to getting support from his wife then he is getting it in enormous numbers. It was recently when he was seen with his wife and kids following the flirting scandal.

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Here you can check out some recent pictures of Adam Levine, with his kids and wife Behati Prinsloo.

Adam Levine

The husband and wife were treating their children on a bike ride to the beach in Los Angeles. It all happened on 8 October when the singer was seen wearing a tank top and traveling on a bike.

In front of his bike, one can see two children sitting while Behati Prinsloo was having her bike ride. The model was seen wearing a t-shirt which was showing her baby bump. She was also wearing sunglasses and shoes.

Coming to the look of children then they both were wearing helmets for safety while Adam Levine was wearing baseball caps.

After getting surrounded by the cheating scandal, Adam was very grateful to his wife Behati Prinsloo that she decided to remain in the marriage. At first, it was the model Sumner who came with some text conversation on social media. She then revealed that Adam was going to name the baby after her name if it is going to be a girl.

When it comes to Adam Levine then he was continuously rejecting or denying all these things. He said he has crossed some lines during his life but never flirted with anyone.

Because of his cheating scandal, Adam Levine became the victim of jokes. According to the source, the singer thinks these jokes are not funny as they disrespect him and his wife. He is embarrassed but in the current situation, he just wants to focus more on the music and his personal life.

The only thing he wants right now is to keep his wife away from the stress during her pregnancy. The same source said: “Adam knows how close he came to losing everything and he is so incredibly thankful that she has not run away from him over this. He loves Behati and his kids so much. He just wants this to all be behind them.”