Vanessa Hudgens Goes on Spiritual Witchcraft Journey in Dead Hot.

She was channeling her inner witch. Vanessa Hudgens has a unique connection to the spiritual world, and she’s not afraid to display it.

In October 2022, the High School Musical singer stated that she and her closest friend GG Magree were headed to Salem, Massachusetts, to investigate several enchanted mysteries.

According to the film’s Instagram page, “Dead Hot: Season of the Witch is an intimate trip into the supernatural world that serves as a coming-of-age drama that examines identity, feminine strength, and sisterhood.”

Vanessa Hudgens Hudgens and Magree, who have learned themselves rudimentary witchcraft, want to film their united voyage to Salem for a spiritual masterclass.

“They’ve been performing tiny spells since they were youngsters, and they were just extremely attracted in that realm,” Bunim-Murray Productions president Julie Pizzi told Variety of the production company’s next film. “It’s entertainment first and foremost, but they’re on a genuine, personal, spiritual journey together.” It’s so emotionally raw that it generated such a great story. There’s a lot of emphasis on female empowerment.”

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Here is more about Vanessa Hudgens’ Dead Hot Witchcraft Documentary.

Vanessa Hudgens
Us Weekly

The Dead Hot encounter for the Princess Switch actress is not her first journey into the spooky realm.

“I’ve embraced the reality that I see things and hear things,” Hudgens stated on The Kelly Clarkson Show in April 2022, saying that she’s had “a lot” of ghostly experiences over the years. “I sort of turned it off for a bit because the uncertainty is terrifying.” But I finally decided, ‘No, this is a gift and something I can accomplish, so I’m going to lean into it.'”

Tick, Tick… Boom! “I remember getting ready for school when I was eight years old, and there was like, you know, those ducks that you pull [the string]? It’s only a toy. There was one of them on the dining room table, and as I began walking, it simply followed me.”

Hudgens even mentioned seeing a pleasant ghost while hanging out at a cemetery with Magree.

“We discovered this one gravestone of a ghost who we were told is quite fun,” the “Sneakernight” singer told an amazed Kelly Clarkson during the interview. “So I turned on [our spirit box, which may assist you in communicating with spirits] and said, ‘Hi Sam, I’m Vanessa [and] this is GG’… Then GG asks, ‘Sam, could you give us our names?’ Then we hear just ‘Vanessa’ static noises ‘GG.’ ‘Cool, do you have anything more you want to tell me?’ I said.

While Sam the pleasant ghost had nothing further to say to the dialogue, Hudgens has continued to be amazed by her remarkable skill.