Why Millie Bobby Brown’s BFF Jake Bongiovi Making Headlines

Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend are making headlines every day, Want to know Why read the article till the end? The personal life of celebrities is very much in the news at the same level as their professional life. Where they are going, whom they are dating, and other things, have attracted the attention of fans for sure. So to talk about those celebrities who are right now in news related to their dating life then we have some with little information.

Among them is the actress Millie Bobby Brown who is dating Jake. So here are the things that one should know about this 20-year-old Jake Bongiovi who is making headlines.

The 20-year-old boyfriend of Millie Bobby Brown is right now gaining headlines with his love life. He started dating the actress in 2021 and was seen with back-to-back appearances on social media. The couple is enjoying their trip together while having a dinner date. They were also seen making a red carpet-appearance at the 2022 awards function and made it official.

Millie Bobby Brown’s BFF Jake Bongiovi Family

Coming to the family of Jake Bongiovi then his family is not that big on the same name but they are ready to encourage him and make him grounded.

Jake is the second youngest child of Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi. He has six siblings including a 28-year-old sister and a brother of 26 years old. His parents grow up in New Jersey and met for the first time in 1980.

Jake and Millie Bobby Brown are together for almost a year as they confirmed their relationship in June 2021. Their relationship came on highlight when they were seen holding hands in New York City. After the confirmation of the relationship, they started posting pictures of each other on social media, and then it was followed by a red-carpet appearance in 2022.

Millie Bobby Brown BFF Jake Bongiovi Making Headlines

The next most amazing thing about him is his appearance which is very much similar to his father. A lot of fans have given a focus on his looks that go well with his father.

Apart from making headlines related to his dating life with Millie Bobby Brown, Jake has also made headlines for being one of the organizers in the 14 March 2018 student protest. He with his friend protested against the government for the mass killing that was happening in the schools in America where 17 students were killed.

If we talk about his current scenario then he is right t now in a talk related to getting engaged with Millie Bobby Brown. The rumors of engagement came when the actress was seen wearing a ring of gold on her ring finger. But when it comes to the actress and Jake Bongiovi then they have not confirmed it.