Dua Lipa Makes Another Style Statement in Bikini, See Pics Here

The singer captioned a series of images of herself lying in a tiny pool mermaid-style, "Never leaving la Isla Bonita."

Published: September 8th, 2022 6:51 am | Updated: June 6, 2023 6:51 am

Miss Dua Lipa is back in high-fashion swimsuit mode, sharing another eye-catching garment on her pool-heavy Instagram feed. But instead of another gorgeous, itty-bitty bikini, she’s going for a sequined strapless one-piece. The Loewe swimsuit is quite modest (in Dua Lipa norms), with a pattern of brilliant flames on the bottom half that runs up to the aquamarine bodice.

The singer captioned a series of images of herself lying in a tiny pool mermaid-style, “Never leaving la Isla Bonita.”

Lipa has really released numerous batches of images of herself in a number of bikinis in recent days. She carries sequined, velour, and striped bikinis. She has matching bikinis to her bucket hats.

Because, after a lengthy Euro trip with pals, who doesn’t want to show off all their holiday photos?

Dua Lipa Makes Another Style Statement in Bikini

Dua Lipa

According to her Instagram posts, the British pop artist has been traveling throughout the sunny regions of Europe for quite some time. She celebrated her 27th birthday on August 22nd, as well as the wedding of friends Simon Porte Jacquemus and Marco Maestri in the south of France. “Rejoicing in the affection of these two wonderful persons in my life.” “The most gorgeous day, ceremony, and definitely the most FUN celebration,” she said in the description.

And, right before summer ended, Dua Lipa sent us the ultimate farewell kiss: an Instagram carousel packed with bikinis.

After hearing from her fans that her recent poolside, butterfly bikini photos were insufficient, the “Sweetest Pie” singer felt it would be best to simply show us everything she wore in August. While we’ve seen her in cottage-core bikinis, strappy tropical shirts, and citrus strings all summer, nothing compares to this. And, from now on, we’ll observe September 1 as Dua Day to commemorate this momentous occasion.

In the first photo from the dump, Dua shows off her inner goddess in an Isa Boulder rust orange and light tan satin bikini. The ruched, bandeau-style top is supported by bra-style, twisted straps, and the cheeky bikini bottoms mirror the hip detailing. As if the hot, hot, hot swimwear wasn’t already enough, the bikini is reversible.

The most eye-catching ensemble, though, was the sequined, flame-design one-piece by Loewe. The suit gave us serious scale vibes, so we declared that Dua had officially developed Mermaidcore. “Never leaving Isla Bonita,” she captioned the sexy photo set.