Callum Turner and Dua Lipa Relationship Timeline!

Recently Callum Turner and Dua Lipa made their relationship public, but do you know since they have been together, if not let’s have a look into their relationship timeline.

In the world in which we are living today everything is just public even what is private for us is public for everyone else because this is the age of digital media and social media and the information is just passed on with just a click all around the globe and once it is shared it can never be deleted from the internet.

Saturday we are going to talk about one such relationship that got the spotlight of all the fans recently which is between Callum Turner and Dua Lipa. So throughout this article, you will learn the reality behind the rulers that are spreading about them.

So without making any further delays let us just quickly move on so that you can have everything in front of you by the time all you need to do is just keep reading the article till the end!!!!

Who Is Callum Turner and Dua Lipa?

Callum Turner
Haper’s Bazaar

First of all that is talk about the gentleman Callum Turner is a British actor. And if you are concerned about the projects in which he is working or has worked then let us tell you that Turner stars in the new Apple TV+ series titled “Masters of the Air” and the franchise of “Fantastic Beasts“.

Now let us give you some brief about the lady luck Dua Lipa who is an Albanian singer and songwriter and she is all set to come up with her new albums in the early quarter of this year.

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How Did the Dating Rumors Between Callum Turner and Dua Lipa Catch Fire?

Callum Turner

We must tell you that they are one of the top listers in the list of hot couples of the Year 2024. And both of them were first spotted getting cozy at a party celebrating the success of Masters of the Air which is an Apple TV series of Callum.

To add more information it tells you that the lady Luck recently had a breakup with French film director Romain Garvas with whom she shared eight months of dating.

After the success party of the Apple TV series, there was some source who made the below statement about both of them dating each other:

It’s new, but they’re mad at each other. She was at the premiere to support him.”

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