Cobra Kai Season 5: Robby and Miguel’s rematch will decide how they feel about each other

A rematch between Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) can be seen in the teaser for Season 5 of Cobra Kai. A rematch like this has been anticipated by the audience. Mariduea won’t reveal the result, but he can give a sneak peek at what the fight will decide.

The cast of Cobra Kai was interviewed during a roundtable event that was covered by Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The argument between Miguel and Robby was the topic of conversation at Mariduea’s. On September 9th, Season 5 of Cobra Kai will debut on Netflix, and all throughout the month of September, we’ll be sharing more interviews with the show’s cast and creators.

There is tension between Miguel and Robby.
Johnny Lawrence (William Zabkafirst )’s Cobra Kai trainee was Miguel. Johnny’s estranged son Robby started training with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). Although Miguel won the All-Valley Karate tournament, Robby broke Miguel’s back in a schoolyard battle. This rivalry could not be settled by the creation of a brand new All-Valley tournament.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Teaser

You’ve seen the teaser, Mariduea stated. When I think back on my time with Cobra Kai, I realize that I first learned about the tension between Robby and Miguel rather early on. I believe that despite their differences, the two are more similar than they realize.

The winner of the Miguel vs. Robby bout will determine the fate of Cobra Kai Season 5

In the preview, we see Robby and Miguel having a fight in the courtyard of the building where Johnny and Miguel live. Mariduea claims that regardless of the outcome, the fight will be beneficial to both characters.

Cobra Kai Season 5

I suppose their feelings for one other will be determined by the outcome of their fight, Mariduea stated. That they can spend some quiet time together is a great touch. Not one of them is jealous of the other. They’re in it for themselves, which is where the real magic happens.

And Cobra Kai Season 5 is a major deal for Miguel and Samantha as well.

The fight isn’t the only major event in Cobra Kai Season 5; Miguel and Samantha’s relationship also undergoes significant development (Mary Mouser). Relationships are tense because the protagonists and protagonists are still in high school.

Mary was the first member of the younger group that Mariduea encountered on set, she claimed. It was great to see how our connection has developed over the years, both in front of and behind the camera. Younger characters tend to be more prone to entering and exiting relationships, and I believe that’s really clear this season.

Mouser, for her part, enjoyed watching her on-screen romance with Mariduea progress. Since Mariduea was cast as Miguel, Mouser has shared scenes with him throughout the series run.

At some point in each season, whether Sam and Miguel have been apart or together or whatever else has been going on, there is a moment where it is established, “okay, this is where Sam and Miguel are at,” as Mouser put it. I enjoy it very much since it serves as a sort of navigational aid for the rest of the performance and Samantha’s location.

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