Cobra Kai Season 5 Will Hawk Serve As a Mentor?

The young actors of Cobra Kai were all green belts when the show began. There are even younger students in Cobra Kai by Season 5. Jacob Bertrand, who plays Eli Moskowitz / Hawk in Cobra Kai, has expressed a desire for his character to act as a mentor. Cobra Kai Season 6 may have to wait for that.

On August 26th, Showbiz Cheat Sheet met with the cast of Cobra Kai for a roundtable conversation. Bertrand mentioned wanting to leave a legacy during his discussion with the group.

When the fifth season of Cobra Kai finally arrives on Netflix on September 9, we’ll have more with the show’s actors and creators right here on Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Hawk, please correct Anthony Larusso for Jacob Bertrand. Bertrand selected “mentorship” when asked what he hoped to gain from the experience. And he went so far as to single out a fellow Cobra Kai cast member for guidance.

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What more did Jacob Bertrand share about Cobra Kai Season 5?

Cobra Kai Season 5

If he can come to more of a mentoring role in the upcoming seasons, that would be fantastic, Bertrand remarked. Anthony LaRusso, I think it would be a lot of fun to play the role of mentor to Griffin or something like that.

In season 4, when Anthony (Griffin Santopietro) began to abuse Kenny, his position was expanded (Dallas Dupree Young). Dallas avenged himself by joining Cobra Kai, where he is now significantly more powerful than Anthony.

Santopietro, for one, is pleased by the Season 5 plot of Cobra Kai in which Anthony finally gets what he deserves.

Next season, though, he may decide to look for a mentor within Miyagi-Do.

Season 5 of ‘Cobra Kai’ doesn’t have time for training a new generation of black belts.

Bertrand was already thinking about what was next after finishing up Season 5 of Cobra Kai. Hawk’s taking Anthony or anyone else under his wing was not an option in Season 5’s plot.

This season, Hawk is working with Daniel (Ralph Macchio) to bring down Terry Silver while also picking up new skills from Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) (Thomas Ian Griffith).

As Bertrand pointed out, Hawk made significant strides during Season 4, which he considers to be a watershed year. In season 5, I now believe he has a solid grasp of the situation at hand. He’s doing his best to live according to the Miyagi-Do philosophy. I think he gets caught up in the excitement of being named All-Valley and all that and becomes overconfident as a result.

Well, at least Hawk has his pals.

Cobra Kai Season 5
Entertainment Weekly

Hawk counts Demetri as a close buddy (Gianni DiCenzo). When Hawk betrayed Eli and joined Cobra Kai, he caused a rift between the two. They’ve been back together since the third season finale, and Bertrand says friendship is still vital in the fifth season of Cobra Kai.

Demetri really grounds [Hawk], Bertrand said. According to me, Eli is plagued by a number of personal demons and insecurities. Just accepting him for who he is, Demetri still loves him.

DiCenzo, for his part, thinks back to the times when he was bullied.

DiCenzo made a joke that when Hawk isn’t trying to take down Demetri, Demitri is. To my knowledge, they are more powerful than ever. They’ve had their ups and downs, just like any other friendship. It’s possible that ours was bloodier than others. A binary family is a strong man.

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