Is Cobra Kai Movie Possible After the Final Season?

It is perfectly common for a devoted fan to desire that their favorite program would never finish. The show’s originator, Cobra Kai, never fully got over the Karate Kid movies; as a result, Cobra Kai has an expansive universe.

They expanded on the history and characters from the first films. While introducing numerous new characters, the show gave depth to the previous ones. The senseis of the Cobra Kai universe are teasing the fans and dropping hints about the endgame just ahead of the season 5 debut.

The Karate Kid movie’s characters, including Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, John Kreese, Terry Silver, Ali, and many more, have all been featured in the show thus far.

With season 5 soon to arrive, additional recognizable characters will also make a comeback. The spectators are left with unanswered questions as the show comes to a finish and the plot is connected in a circle.

What would transpire next in the world of Cobra Kai? Is this it? Do we even have a remote chance of getting a sequel or anything like The Karate Kid? Here are the responses to all of these queries.

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So what’s after Cobra Kai ends?

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Fans are both happy and heartbroken as the show’s conclusion draws near. As we previously stated, it is very typical to not be pleased with how our favorite show ended. But Ralph Macchio and William Zabka discussed the program in a recent interview.

The interviewer questioned them about what will be there after the end of the show. To which William Zabka replied. “I think we’re gonna end this series and then we’re gonna do a trilogy of films,” says the sensei Johnny Lawrence.

Then Ralph also added to the possibilities. He narrated that Cobra Kai is now an important part of The Karate Kid cinematic universe.  Although, there are many other areas to draw stories from when it comes to the ending.

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