David Tennant to Return to Doctor Who for 60th Anniversary

The 51- time-old actor, David Tennant who played Doctor# 10 in the BBC series, was blazoned to return, alongside Catherine Tate, who played companion Donna Noble just many months agone.

Not much has been said about the plot, or how the two will return for the forthcoming 60th anniversary. Still, David is revealing that suckers – who might have seen some snaps of them re-photographing – haven’t seen everything.

More about David Tenant

David Tennant
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David Tenant is a British actor who is best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor in the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. He has also appeared in other shows such as Blackpool, Broadchurch, and Casanova. In 2009, he won a BAFTA for his role in Doctor Who.

Actors Catherine Tate and David Tennant are again back for Doctor Who on the sixteenth anniversary of the show. It is also BBC’s hundredth anniversary in 2023.

This, however, is not their first time returning to the show together. The two stars took up again their roles in 2016 for The Tenth Doctor Adventures of the Big Finish.

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What is Doctor Who?

David Tennant

The Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show that has been running since 1963. The show is about a time lord who travels through time and space in his Tardis. He often gets into trouble and has to rely on his companions to help him out. The show is known for its clever writing and witty humor.

During a panel at Fan Expo Boston over the once weekend, David opened up about his return.

“What I suppose is intriguing about the fact that Catherine Tate and I may have been re-photographing, you see, because we’re slightingly unfortunate ( or fortunate) in that we were re-photographing some scenes that were in the public so it had to be admitted that we were in it, ” he participated. “So utmost of what’s been mugged with other people has each been outside.”

David also teased that much further has been mugged indoors.

“There’s lots more coming than people suppose, which is veritably instigative, and as far as I know, no- bone has relatively figured out yet what Catherine and I are doing there. I suppose there’s a lot of proposition, a lot of enterprises, but I’m veritably agitated for people to see the bitsy little cog we’re in Russell’s great machine.”

Further details about the forthcoming Croaker Who 60th Anniversary have formerly been revealed. The audience is as usual super excited about this.

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