The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Release Dat: Is It Coming In August 2022?

The crime drama series ‘The Cleaning Lady’ was developed by Miranda Kwok and is based on the Argentinian serial ‘La Chica Que Limpia.’ Thony De La Rosa, a former Filipino physician, is the main character of the show.

She works in Las Vegas on an expired visa to care for her ailing kid, who is five years old. She sees a terrible crime being committed while working in the professional cleaning department, and when the culprit learns of it, she is forced to serve as the criminal organization’s doctor and cleaner.

This series has garnered positive reviews from both audiences and critics due to its fascinating and captivating storyline of a good doctor who becomes bad due to harsh circumstances. ‘The Cleaning Lady’ made its debut in January 2022 and has already succeeded in establishing a solid fanbase.

Fans are eagerly anticipating The Cleaning Lady Season 2 after the dramatic season 1 ending. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the release date and other information about this compelling series’ second installment, we’ve got you covered.

What Is The Cleaning Lady About?

The protagonist of the story is a smart Cambodian doctor who subverts the system with the help of her shrewd mind. You could argue that the doctor’s actions are morally justifiable, even though they violate the law. La Chica Que Limpia, an Argentinian television series, served as inspiration for the creators.

Thony De La Rosa is the protagonist of the novel on which the entire production is based. She used to be a doctor from the Philippines, and now she works illegally in Las Vegas. This is something that Thony does so that she can take care of her ailing child, who is five years old.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2

The doctor, who works in the cleaning service department, happens to witness a severe incident one day and is apprehended by the criminal. She is then made to serve as the criminal organization’s doctor and housekeeper.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Is It Coming In August?

No, The Cleaning Lady Season 2 is not coming this August. The first season of The Cleaning Lady, which included ten episodes, debuted on January 3, 2022. The show was then picked up for a second season in April 2022, with the debut episode airing on Fox on September 19, 2022.

Major Casts And Characters

Elodie Yung would certainly reprise her part as Thony in the second season because the story revolves around her. Thony is a former doctor who joins forces with a criminal organization in order to treat her sick son. Other than that, most of the cast members are anticipated to stay in their roles, with the exception of those who met their demise during the first season for apparent reasons. Below is a list of the additional cast members who are anticipated to return for a potential second season.

  1. Adan Canto portrays Arman Morales
  2. Oliver Hudson portrays Garrett Miller 
  3. Martha Millan portrays Fiona
  4. Sean Law portrays Chris
  5. Sebastian and Valentino LaSalle portray Luca
  6. Liza Weil portrays Katherine Russo
  7. Faith Bryant portrays Jaz
  8. Eva De Dominici portrays Nadia Morales
  9. Shiva Negar portrays Isabel Barsamian
  10. Jay Mohr portrays Council Eric Knight
  11. Navid Negahban portrays Hayak Barsamian

Furthermore, it’s not impossible for brand-new characters to be presented, so you might potentially get to meet some new people.

Season 1 Recap

The show centers on Filipino physician Thony De La Rosa, who is residing illegally in the United States (due to the expiration of her visa) only so that her son can receive an expensive bone marrow transplant, which is only performed in Los Angeles.

She works as a cleaning lady to make ends meet and hide from the law. Everything was going according to plan until she saw Arman Morales and his gang of criminals commit a horrible murder. She offered to remove all potential evidence from the crime site in return for her life after being apprehended by the criminals. From there, Arman used her issues as leverage to sign her up as a permanent gang member.

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Season 2 Expected Plotline

What lies ahead for Thony and her sick baby will be explored in depth throughout the show’s upcoming second season. Although she’ll probably face some new difficulties this season, Thony’s major goals—getting her son treated and leaving the country as soon as possible—are more or less guaranteed to be the same.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Trailer

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 has not yet released a trailer because it hasn’t been long since the renewal was announced. However, in case you missed it or want to remember what a wonderful season it was, here is the trailer for the first season.

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