The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Release Date & What we know so far

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: The action-packed series, which is full of thrilling episodes from beginning to end, is returning for a second season. Since the announcement of the second season, fans have been eager to learn what the second season will be about.

Will Thony, the series’ female lead character, be able to overcome the loss of her child? How does she fight against all the odds that bind her? Continue reading the article to learn more about The Cleaning Lady. You’ll get answers to some of the questions you’ve been carrying around with you.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Release Date

Miranda Kwok created the American crime drama television series The Cleaning Lady, which is based on the 2017 Argentine television series La chica que limpia.

The Cleaning Lady’s first season, consisting of ten episodes, premiered on January 3, 2022. The series was then renewed for a second season in April 2022, with the premiere date set for September 19, 2022, on Fox.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Trailer

The official trailer for Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady has yet to be released. For the time being, if you are a new viewer, you can view the first season trailer to get a sense of what the series is about. So, keep your hopes up, because we’ve already seen how it ends in each of the episodes. Each episode will end on a cliffhanger, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next episodes.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2

Since the conclusion of the first season, viewers have been eagerly awaiting the renewal of the second season. That, too, had ended on a positive note. Only a few months remain until the mystery is revealed.

What is the plot of The Cleaning Lady series?

Thony De La Rosa, a former Cambodian-Filipino medical doctor, is the subject of the drama The Cleaning Lady. Thony’s son, Luca, suffers from a rare disease that requires bone marrow transplantation only in Las Vegas.

She has to do everything she can to make ends meet because she is living in the United States on an expired visa. even if it means assisting her sister-in-law Fiona as a cleaning lady.

She is battling for her child’s treatment because she does not have enough money. So, one day, something happened that we can say was a life-changing event for Thony. Thony was a witness to one of the crimes, which she later covered up by cleaning it up. As a result, Thony is offered a job in the organization that pays more than she needs to survive.

Will Thony take up the offer? Of course, a lady like her is willing to take any risk for her child’s sake. Even while working for the organization, she is required to lie to her family and friends about her lifestyle, as well as clean up and treat the mess left by the perpetrator.

But how long can she keep this a secret from her family? Will she be held accountable for her actions?

How Does The First Season End?

The finale of The Cleaning Lady has pushed viewers to the edge, where they are anticipating Thony’s future. The final episode concludes with Thony’s son being taken away by her husband Marco. We don’t know where Marco has taken Lucas. What will happen to the child if Thony is not around to monitor his health?

The Cast Of The Cleaning Lady Season 2

  • Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa
  • Adan Canto as Arman Morales
  • Martha Millan as Fiona De La Rosa
  • Sebastien LaSalle/Valentino LaSalle as Luca De La Rosa
  • Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller
  • Faith Bryant as Jaz
  • Sean Lew as Chris
  • Eva De Dominici as Nadia Morales
  • Shiva Negar as Isabel Barsamian
  • Jay Mohr as Council Eric Knight
  • Navid Negahban as Hayak Barsamian


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