Brad Pitt Was Seen Doing Karate Kick At The Premiere Of Bullet Train!

Currently, Brad Pitt is busy promoting his film the Bullet Train! Seeing celebrities doing a lot of stunts in movies has become common and certain actors are known for it. It has also become common to do a lot of things while promoting the movie or series in terms of entertainment.

And if we amalgamate these things then we have seen a lot of action heroes doing some bit of action while promoting their films or series. Among them is the actor Brad Pitt who was recently seen doing a Karate kick at the premiere of his film Bullet Train.

The actor Brad Pitt is right now quite busy promoting his upcoming action film called Bullet Train and that is the reason why he is in full form. The actor appeared on a red carpet in Paris to attend the premiere of the coming movie. He was looking very handsome with sunglasses and a dark jacket with a grey t-shirt. He was also seen wearing dark pants with sneakers.

Brad Pitt showed some of his moves in the movie Bullet Train

Brad Pitt
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The 58-year-old actor attended the premiere on 18 July and has done playful Karate kick toward the cameras while they were at the premiere. It is one of his actions that could be seen in the movie called Bullet Train and that is the reason why he as performed the same on the red carpet of Paris.

The cool summer look of Brad Pitt has definitely become a fashion for him. It was just a few days back when the actor was seen in an orange suit and wearing his signature glasses. A lot of people called his orange suit unique, while others have called him a fashion icon. He was seen waving at his fans and also checking out his phone.

When it comes to his children then he has recently celebrated the birthday of twins and they are right now in Europe with their mother Angelina Jolie. The kids were seen at the concert with the mother after filming her upcoming movie called Without Blood. Angelina Jolie is the one who is going to direct that movie and Salma Hayek is the one who will become the lead character.

When it comes to Brad Pitt then he is having a great time with his co-stars, not just on premier but also in promoting the film. He has also posed with his costar in a very rare selfie that was taken nearby the Eiffel Tower.

Coming the film Bullet Train then it carries a lot of action sequences and we would be seeing Brad Pitt in the lead as a Ladybug. He is one of the assassins among the five others who are on the same mission, unknown to each other.

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