Brad Pitt Turns 60, Celebrated His Birthday With Only Close Friends.

If aging like a fine wine had a name it would certainly be called Brad Pitt. Although he looks 30, the Fight Club actor recently turned 60 and celebrated his birthday which resembled his actual age.

Over the last three decades, Brad Pitt has been one of the most influential and accomplished actors that Hollywood has ever produced, his style, acting and on-screen aura are different from everyone else and his unique identity has helped him to become the star that he is today.

Pitt has been part of some of the most successful Hollywood movies including Fury, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ocean’s Thirteen, Troy, Bullet Train, and more.

Brad Pitt Turns 60.

Brad Pitt

The actor Brad Pitt celebrated his birthday on December 18th but the celebration was very quiet this time, reportedly he has taken a break from shooting to celebrate his birthday with some limited friends and his girlfriend Ines De Ramon.

The two actors started dating last year and are going quite strong. Brad remained publicly single for quite some time after his divorce from Angelina Jolie back in 2016, and it seems like he has finally planned to settle with Ramon. Brad received birthday wishes from his tons of fans on social media while his industry friends wished him in the most witty ways possible.

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Brad Pitt Upcoming Project.

Brad Pitt

Brad is currently shooting for a racing film based on Formula One and it still hasn’t got a title, it is being directed by Joseph Kosinski, he signed for the film early last year and reportedly charged 30 million for it, the shooting for the film was delayed due to the writers and actors protest.

His other upcoming projects include Wolves which will be released on AppleTV+, Brad will also be trying his hands on production this and the upcoming year, so it’s quite a good time to be a Brad Pitt fan.