Ryan Gosling Was Seen Doing Some Grocery Shopping After Promoting The Gray Man!

Ryan Gosling has two big projects in his pocket and what now he is shopping for? It is very common for celebrities to go on shopping after having a hectic schedule.

Sometimes it is related to grocery shopping while other times it is just books or cloth. There are also a lot of celebrities who try to spend their time after hectic schedules on vacation or going to a beach. Something like this was seen with a lot of celebrities who have recently got a little leave from their hectic schedule.

Among them was the actor Ryan Gosling who was seen doing some grocery shopping after promoting his movie The Gray Man.

Ryan Gosling shares his casual look for grocery shopping

Ryan Gosling
Just Jared

The 41-year-old actor was recently busy promoting his latest movie The Gray Man for the Netflix release. Since a lot of people are liking this movie, that is the reason why Ryan Gosling took a break and went grocery shopping in Los Angeles. He was seen in the parking area where he was having some bags in his hand and walking very casually.

Ryan Gosling was seen in a denim jacket and grey t-shirt. The actor was also wearing Denim pants with a dark cap. He was also seen wearing brown boots which were matching to his whole look.

It was just a few days ago when the actor was seen in a pastel color suit for the promotion of The Gray Man. He was there at the premiere in a white shirt and blonde hair. He has joined the other casting of the film and promoted it with all smiles.

Here are some post of The Gray Man 


When it comes to the movie The Gray Man, then Ryan Gosling is portraying the role of an agent who has revealed a secret of his agency. And that is the reason why the whole agency has hired Assassin, in the form of Chris Evans, to get Ryan Gosling in the hand.

The actor has also recently been in the news related to getting a certain Marvel role. At first, it was related to Doctor Strange but it was not true and now it is related to the character Nova. But when it comes to the actor himself then Ryan Gosling is not interested in these things at all. He said that he wants to play the character Ghost Rider instead of playing any other characters.

The first Ghost Rider movie came in 2007 and has gained a lot of popularity. And with no doubt, a lot of actors in Hollywood crave for this role including Ryan Gosling.

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