Ryan Gosling Did Not Want to Perform “I’m Just Ken” at Oscars 2024!

Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” Oscar Performance was lit, however in a recent interview Gosling revealed he never wanted to perform that song at Oscar! At the 96th Academy Awards “The Oscar” award where brightest movie award from the industry.

At Stage of Academy Awards. It was an unexpected performance it started with delivering the monolog while presenting the award and then he performed.

The Barbie movie star Ryan Gosling was on the stage and performed in “I Am Just Ken” from his film Barbie which received a standing ovation from the audience who were present at the Academy Awards.

The whole environment was turned pink and Ryan started his song while sitting behind Margot Robbie. He just made the night memorable and gave a Darjeeling performance in a pink dress and took the center thought. “I am Just Ken” is a song that represents the toy.

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Here Is What More Ryan Gostling Said About Performing “I’m Just Ken” at Oscars 2024!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is a very versatile actor known for his breathtaking work in the movies and he made everything magical around him. While performing the song people felt very nostalgic.

And there are kens from the movie also performed and at while final arrival of the scene, the legendary guest stage Slash a guitarist who performed in the Rock and Roll era. After him Mark Ronson performed in then he made people groove on funky beats.

The whole vibe and and the finale of the performance took the whole breath away from the people Ryan, Kens, Slash, and Mark delivered a very good performance and received standing ovations and applause from the people.

It is a very delightful song that is the reflection of Ken’s life who is the boyfriend of Barbie. This song explores the exception and trying to express himself in society.

So, at the 96 Academy Awards audience deserves a good Bedazzling performance

If you want to watch the whole performance you can watch it on YouTube which gives a glimpse of the Pink Night Oscar award.