Hilary Duff Wants To Collaborate With Jonas Brothers

Many of her fans grew up with her and watched her grow into several forms of herself. Hilary Duff has also managed to stay relevant by pursuing a music career, becoming an entertainer, and engaging in several other exciting ventures.

However, Duff isn’t the only one who found fame through the Disney Channel; Jonas Brothers too. They are teenage idols who came into the limelight through the channel.

While this led fans to speculate if they had worked together in the past, Duff came out to clear the air on that speculation. In fact, she stated that it would be a dream come true if they ever had a collaboration.

Her Dream Is To Work With The Jonas Brothers

Hilary Duff
The Blast

In an exclusive interview with Extra, Duff admitted that she would love to team up with the Jonas Brothers for a musical collaboration.

“Could we ever get a Hilary Duff-Jonas Brothers collaboration?” You know what, it will be very nice. That would be a dream for me. I love the Jonas Brothers,” she said. The “Lizzie McGuire” actress added that she and her husband Matthew Kona were friendly with their Disney Channel co-stars.

She continued, “We’re friendly, we’re friendly… We lived in Toluca Lake. I lived in this neighborhood in the Valley for a while and they were there too and my husband was very good friends with Priyanka [Chopra]. So yeah, I mean, we don’t see them that often, but we’re friendly.”

Duff added that the idea came on the heels of her husband’s recent prank when he cut out pictures of the Jonas Brothers and put them all over their house.

“Matthew finds really interesting ways to entertain himself and I saw all their heads cut out of a magazine and I was like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on? He’s trolling someone in some way.”

She concluded: “And in the end it was me. We love him, but he’s a freak.”

Is Hilary Duff Thinking About Returning To Music?

Hilary Duff
The Blast

The “How I Met Your Father” star also hinted at the possibility of more music in the future but admitted that her roles as an actor and mother are the main priorities at the moment.

“I think I have to compartmentalize certain parts of my life and start the show right now. We are going to shoot 20 episodes instead of 10 episodes. I’m also in the middle of motherhood and can’t imagine touring.

I look at some moms who do it, but their kids are so much smaller than mine and I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t know how they do it.’ It’s hard; it’s hard to travel.”

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