Jonas Brothers Are Set To Perform At Yankee Stadium!

Jonas Brothers announced the Yankee Stadium concert and revealed how it was a dream for them. There are a lot of celebrities who have recently announced their concert or their tour in different parts of the world.

And that’s the reason why fans are getting excited with each of their performance, whether it is live or recorded.

Coming to such a thing then Hollywood is not at all going behind in this category as most of the celebrities or we can say singers are on the same line. Whether it is related to solo artists or group one, everyone is looking forward to their performance.

The same recently happened when the group called Jonas Brothers decided to give good news to their fans. And it is not just good news to their fans but also to all three members of the band.

It was related to their dream coming true as they are performing at Yankee Stadium. All three brothers that are Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas decided to announce this big news on social media. It was on 4 April 2023 when 3 of them came and talk about it.

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Jonas Brothers are set to perform at Yankee Stadium in August.

Jonas Brothers

When it comes to the performance then it will be live in August. The day will be Saturday 12 August at the same place. The band said how they are excited and continued: “NEW YORK! We’ve been dreaming about this one our whole lives. Five albums. One Epic Night. Saturday, August 12 at Yankee Stadium”.

When it comes to the tickets then it is not out but will be there soon. Fans who are registered as verified fans for the Broadway residency will get the first-ever opportunity to buy the tickets.

When it comes to the ticket in general then many cities will have the advantage on 12th April while others will get it on 14th April 2023.

As soon as Jonas Brothers announced these details, a lot of fans came on social media and shared their excitement. Some even started getting excited weeks while others started planning for the coming performance. When it comes to their performance at the stadium then it will be opening for their upcoming tour. The upcoming tour called The Concert and its date have yet not arrived however many speculations are going to arrive soon.

It was just a few days ago when one of the members of the Jonas Brothers that are, Nick Jonas was in news related to his appearance at Mumbai Gala. He was there with his wife who was looking gorgeous as ever.