Sintonia Season 3 Released on Netflix.

Sintonia is coming back with its season 3 soon on Netflix, which will show more of the Interconnecting lives of Doni, Nando, and Rita. Here we have the information you should know about this crime drama.

About the Series

Sintonia is a popular Brazilian crime drama television series it has two seasons. Sintonia has 6.6 out of 10 ratings on IMDB and its first season was the third most-watched series in Brazil.

Sintonia is created by Kondzilla, written by Guilherme Quintella, Duda De Almeida, and Thays Berle and this crime drama series is directed by Felipe Braga, Rita Moraes, and Alice Braga.


The story revolves around the life of three teens living in the shantytown of São Paulo, this town pursues their dreams and maintains their friendship, Sintonia is a cluster of music, drugs, and religion.

Sintonia Season 3 release date

Sintonia Season 3

Sinfonia Season 3 has been set to premiere on Netflix, and as per the announcement the third season will be released on Netflix on July 13, 2022.


Three weeks ago Netflix released season 3’s 1-minute 11 seconds long trailer on the official channel of Netflix on YouTube.

The trailer shows Doni in Paris as he is dealing with his newly gained fame and continues making music. Rita has made a decision to run for the city council and turns to religion for help.

Nando realizes the consequences of the path he has chosen as he attempts to avoid capture while trying to protect his family.

What Happened in the Last season? Let’s know?

In the Sintonia second season, Nando played by Cristian Malheiros continues his search to be “boss” and the head of the family, as Rita played by Bruna Mascarenhas tries to find the right path and protect her buddies, while Doni played by Jottapê thinks big about an explosive career.

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