Sintonia Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Cast & Plot

Sintonia Season 3 updates: Rita, Doni, and Nando, three childhood friends who are each attracted to music, religion, and crime in their own unique ways, are followed as they look for a way to pursue their goals and make a living in “Sintonia.” The youth drama series from KondZilla highlights the struggles of young people with few options and presents a nuanced portrait of life in Brazilian favelas.

Sintonia Season 3: What are Speculations and What are Facts as of Now?

It was one of the most well-liked Brazilian games on Netflix after its initial screening in 2019 and a great deal of positive feedback. We are confident that viewers of the show can anticipate a new season featuring the sensational stories of Rita, Doni, and Nando in the wake of the shocking and heartbreaking events of the second season. Learn more about Sintonia Season 3 now.

Sintonia Season 3 Netflix Release Date

On Netflix, Sintonia Season 2 debuted on October 27, 2021. Six episodes make up The Sintonia Season 2; each episode lasts roughly 44 minutes.

In terms of Sintonia Season 3 news, Netflix has not yet made the third season of the show public. The possibility of a Sintonia Season 3 is left open by the conclusion of Season 2. The show’s creator KondZilla stated that at least Sintonia Season 3 of the series could be produced in a 2019 interview.

If the second release exceeds viewers’ expectations, Netflix may reveal the following. The production of new episodes is likely to begin in early 2022 when Netflix announces its third season in the coming months.

Sintonia Season 3: Cast & Characters

In the movie “Sintonia,” Christian Malheiros portrays Nando, a member of a local drug cartel,

  • Jottapê plays Doni, a future MC,
  • Bruna Mascarenhas plays Rita, a young woman trying to change her appearance by joining a church. From the same repetitive passage come Vincius
  • Vinícius de Oliveira as Éder,
  • Matheus Santos / MC M10 as Formiga,
  • Jlio Silvério as Jaspion,
  • Rosana Maris as Jussara,
  • Danielle Olmpia as Cacau,
  • Jefferson Silvério as Rivaldo,
  • Leilah Moreno as MC Dondoka,
  • and Julia Yamaguchi as Scheyla

We anticipate seeing Malheiros, Jottapê, and Mascarenhas reprise their roles for a potential Sintonia Season 3. Similar to this, the majority of repeat actors are likely to show up for a new season.

Sintonia Season 3: Plot

Doni’s musical career took off in the second season of Sintonia, and he eventually signed a recording contract. While Rita is astounded by the church’s internal performance, Nando’s influence over the cartel continues to grow.

Netflix unveils the trailer for 'Sintonia' season 3 - Paudal - Paudal

Doni gets ready to leave on his European tour at the conclusion of the season. Levi and Rita part ways. Nando and Scheyla are getting ready to adopt their second child. Three are seen at the end of the season watching the news as it reports on Nando’s involvement in criminal activity.

He might have concentrated on Nando’s attempt to avoid arrest while defending his family in Sintonia Season 3. Nando might be held accountable for his crime. Doni might postpone his trip to Europe to assist Nando since his friend is in need.


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