Shawn Mendes Cancelled His Tour Due To His Mental Health!

Shawn Mendes shared in his recent Instagram post that his mental health is his first priority. Mental health is as much important as physical health. And that is the reason why the special focus should be given to mental health as everything related to our mind can harm our body.

The same goes with a lot of celebrities who are dealing with it and still trying to keep up with their work.

Sometimes it is related to the stress they have for their work while other times it is related to their personal space. Something like this happened when the singer Shawn Mendes canceled his tour because of his mental health.

The 23-year-old singer Shawn Mendes has recently postponed his Wonder World Tour by giving more importance to his mental health. The singer has uploaded this condition and confession on Instagram. The singer added that it totally breaks his heart to say that he has to postpone some of the tour dates which is going to happen in the next three week.

What more did Shawn Mendes share about his Mental Health?

Shawn Mendes has also said that he is on tour since the age of 15 and it was quite difficult for him to be away from family and friends for so long. Due to the pandemic, he was away from his trips and tours, so he felt that he was ready to go back again on the tour. But he called his decision premature and has written these words:

“After a few years off the road, I felt like I was ready to dive back in, but that decision was premature and unfortunately the toll of the road and the pressure has caught up to me and I’ve hit a breaking point”

He has also confirmed that he is focusing more on his mental health. And that is the reason why he is spoken with his team and also his health professionals and they both have advised him to take time to heal. And that is the reason why he is taking care of himself and his mental health. The singer has also promised his fans that he will let them know when he is ready to go on the road again.

After this statement of Shawn Mendes, a lot of fans have started speculating where these things are related to his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello. Fans are also wondering whether Shawn Mendes has moved on or not from the previous relationship. They have shown their worries and wished for great health to Shawn Mendes.

The cancellation came after 9 months of their break up which happened in November 2021. The couple has said that it was a mutual break up and they still respect each other and are best friends to each other.

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