Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Release Date, Plot and other Info

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 is all set to be released next week on Disney+ as the first episode has been dropped today on the streaming…

Published: June 8th, 2022 3:46 am | Updated: June 8, 2022 3:46 am

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 is all set to be released next week on Disney+ as the first episode has been dropped today on the streaming platform which has already teased the first Muslim Superhero in MCU starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. The series revolves around a Pakistani-teenage-girl who has cosmic powers and she is one of the biggest fans of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

About the Series

The series deals with Kamala Khan’s transformation into Ms. Marvel and her day-to-day problems as a teenager like at school, boy-problems her dream of becoming a Superhero like her idol Carol Danvers, etc. So simply it’s the story of an ordinary girl’s journey to becoming a Superhero by strength and heart both. Kamal Khan resides in New Jersey and she is a 16-year-old American-Pakistani Girl, who has got her powers from her maternal grandmother as she was inhuman. And If you don’t know who are Inhumans in MCU, who can watch a series Inhuman which is also available on Disney+.

Ms. Marel Episode 2
Marvel Studios

The series is a television adaptation of Marvel Comic’s Kamal Khan aka Ms. Marvel created by Bisha K. Ali which will be a mini-series of a total of six episodes, episode 1 has been released today on 8th June 2022. This series is the sixth web series by Marvel Studios based on MCU’s timeline. The studio has already released WandaVision, Loki, Moon Knight and What If..? at Disney+

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Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Release Date

As per the Disney+ Release Schedule, the Ms. Marvel Episode 2 will be released on the streaming platform on 15 June 2022 at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. BST.

What can happen in Episode 2?

It was announced that the future of MCU Phase 4 will begin with the introduction of Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after watching the first episode every fan will agree with the caption, Marvel has used in the trailer of the series. I think a lot will start changing after the show. Ms. Marvel Epsiode 2 will deal with the insecurities of Kamala Khan about her love life, her new powers, and abilities, and her dreams to be a superhero. She may get a mentor in the coming episode.