Daredevil Season 4: Disney+ has confirmed the reboot by Marvel Studios

Fans of Daredevil are waiting for its Season 4 for a very long time, Now it’s good news from the Variety that the street superhero or vigilante Daredevil is about to come back bu as Disney+ series which will be a part of the MCU Extended Universe.

As per the reports of Variety Matt Corman, Chris Ord has been hired by Marvel to write and create the PG13 version of Daredevil for Disney+ which will be part of MCU’s timeline. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil or Matt Murdock has already appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio has appeared ad Kingpin in Marvel’s Series Hawkeye.

So officially both the major characters have appeared in the marvel universe, Will we get Daredevil Season 4 now?. So probably the daredevil series will be a soft reboot Daredevil Season 4 will never happen as the story of the series which was created by Netflix was much different and to include the characters in Marvel Universe they have to be a soft reboot.

Daredevil Season 4 Info
Marvel Studios

If you don’t know marvels’ daredevil Charlie Cox has first appeared as the masked vigilante on Netflix’s show which was R-rated and was abruptly ended after its season 4 and an appearance on Netflix’s Defenders.

Is Daredevil Season 4 Officially confirmed?

Although the reports are from Variety, Marvel representatives nor writers Matt Corman, and Chris Ord have confirmed anything official yet, it’s well-known fact that Charlie cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be back in MCU in their respective roles of Daredevil and Kingpin.

The formal announcement may be done after the release of Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk (which trailer has been released a few days back on youtube) and the series Ms. Marvel is about to release on 8 June 2022.

This year various other projects of Marvel are also about to get a theatrical release or Disney+ premiere like :

Ms. Marvel on June 8, 2022, on Disney+
Thor: Love and Thunder – July 8, 2022, in theaters
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – August 17, 2022, on Disney+
Untitled Halloween Special (2022) on Disney+
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – November 11, 2022, in theaters
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022) on Disney+

We will update you about the Daredevil Season 4 which will be a soft reboot on Disney+, on this page please follow us on Google News.

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