The Northman Cast Anya Taylor-Joy is Winning the Hearts of Audience As Slavic Sorceress Olga

Anya Taylor-Joy has shined in Northman, even through all the chaos rising as the Slavic sorceress Olga. The Northman took place in 2022 and is based on bloodshed and betrayal.

Anya Taylor-Joy Rising As Slavic sorceress Olga

The 2022’s The Northman is like a fresh cold breeze in the summer. Directed by Robert Eggers, who is a fascinating folkloric filmmaker. In addition, the film is a reminder of the harsh and bitter cold season.

The Northman comes with impressive cast members. However, no actor could capture the hearts of The Northman’s fans like Anya Taylor-Joy. Also, becoming getting high in demand for her every scene. But always captivating every eye with her portraying the Slavic sorceress Olga character.

Cunningness To Break Minds

The Northman is a film about gory and garish. Anya Taylor-Joy’s character Olga is a wily witch manipulating through her wit rather than tempered steel. Although, the character has provided with respite and added only extra.

Viewers have taken a quiet liking for the unassuming Taylor-Joy’s Olga. That has the intellect ability for lethality would scan rival the most muscle-bound northerners in the film.

In addition, we see the Olga quoting Skarsgard’s Amleth:

The Northman

“You may have the strength to break men’s bones. But I come with the cunning to break their minds.”

In addition, Olga’s fair skin and white hair make her stand out. Her intellect also puts her in an odd position. Setting her different from her surroundings and making her earn no favor with her captors.

Although, this only makes Anya Taylor-Joy’s Olga, a character for sympathy from the audience. And we can’t forget that she’s survived the opposition of the brutal status quo on cunning alone.

Supernatural Witchcraft In-Play

Though The Northman frequently drives into the topic of supernatural from time to time. Anya Taylor-Joy’s Slavic sorceress Olga doesn’t seem to use spells, but rather opts to be billed as a conjure. In addition, she makes use of serums.

If Anya Taylor Joy’s Olga, though to make use of her access to a Slavic sorceress. We are sure she would have shown some genuine capacity for supernatural summoning. Although, her ways of weaponising ‘witchcraft’ could not be much impressive.

Wanting To Portray Folk Magic Way


According to reports, there were different plans about how the  Anya Taylor Joy’s Olga was to be introduced to us.

Although, is first seen when she was consoling a villager who had just survived a brutal attack. The attack was done by the Viking warriors led by Amleth.

In addition, we saw Olga calming the hysterical person. Even offering them herbs and saying a spell for relief.

But Eggers revealed in an interview that the scene was originally written quite differently. Mainly wanting to focus on Anya Taylor-Joy more graphically, while offering the herbs.

Eggers said: “Originally we had planned for her to chew those herbs up in her mouth. Later, take them out and put them into the person’s mouth for treatment. And this would depict how folk magic works. But we had to change plans cause of the pandemic. As we weren’t allowed to do the scene.”

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