Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth Spotted Promoting “Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga”!

Anya Taylor Joy and Chris Hemsworth recently made an appearance in Las Vegas to promote their movie titled “Furiosa a Mad Max Saga“.

During, Las Vegas they unveiled the trailer of Furiosa and gave a sneak peek of the movie. The event is a preview of the trailer, They showed how Anya is separated from her family and now she wants her childhood and Mumma back.

The movie embarks on the journey of Furiosa and how she can do it all.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth Spotted in “Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga” Inspired Look to CinemaCon 2024!

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya and Chris both have opted for a monochromatic all-black look. whereas Anya’s dress gives a pinch of the aesthetics of the movie.

The movie is a pre-sequel of the Mad Max series. The movie is directed by George Miller who has directed many incredible movies like the Mad Max series and all of its sequels.

In that movie, Anya played the role of Furiosa who was previously played by Charlize Theron( adult one)  and the Biker Horde character is played by Chris Hemsworth.

Both actors appreciated the director for his incredible skill sets and how he created such a good movie.

Both are fine actors they have worked in many notable movies in which they gave prominent performances.

Chris is always known for his thriller and adventurous movies whereas Anya has worked in psychological thriller movies as well and their talent combination gave good makes of chemistry in the movie.

The movie was released in theatres on May 24, 2024.

Fans are very excited and expressing their anticipation for the movie. Because they couldn’t wait anymore to watch the movie pre-sequel. The trailer gave a Little sneak peek of the movie Where the VFX was all great And had great cinematography in the movie.

Until then enjoy the trailer of Furiosa.

So, mark your calendars grab popcorn, and watch the amazing Furiosa: Mad Max Saga this Summer.