The Quest Season 1 Official Trailer, Release Date, and Much more

The Quest is Disney+ beings to you a new blend, of the world of competitive TV with an epic fantasy story. And it’s all to make its debut on the popular streaming platform on Wednesday, May 11.

The Quest In The Fantasy World Of Everealm

Disney+ is bringing to its audience a new hybrid competition series, which will be set in the fantasy world of Everealm.

Let’s see how Disney explains The Quest:

“The Quest is a hybrid competition series, which is sure to be groundbreaking and immersive. In addition, eight real-life teenagers (Paladins) will be dropped into the fantastic, fictional world of Everealm.

Where to fulfill an ancient prophecy, they must save a kingdom. Throughout the eight-episode of the series. We will see our heroes being immersed into the fantasy world which is sure to come alive. Bringing to you a complete package with a castle, royals, and ethereal fates.

In addition, Everealm is a land of unrivaled beauty and powerful magic for almost thousand of years. But now, the realm is in the face of danger. And is being threatened by a powerful evil Sorceress. Who are we gonna call to save the world??

Competition Series Documentation For Disney+

The Quest Season 1

They are all selected to save the world and to do that, they must face a series of challenges.  Which would eventually restore the balance of Everealm. In addition, the journey is being documented as ‘The Quest’ a new fantasy competition series for the popular streamer. The Quest is all set to air on May 11. Being to you, Castles, royals, ethereal fates, and mystical creatures all at one place.

Who will take the contestants on a ride into a fully immersive world of magic and fantasy? And for this enchanted storytelling, there was no better fit platform than Disney+”

A New Form Of Storytelling

The Quest season 1

In addition, Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky said, “We’re planning to do something magical, that’s never happened at this level. We’re changing the lives of real people, by putting them in a fully, fantasy story.

Which is being designed and built by some incredible artisans from every department. It’s an immersive and interesting, real-life hero’s journey. Which these eight normal teenagers will be living. And we will be able to see their transformation step by step. It’s like being a new exciting form of storytelling.”

Michael Williams and Rob Eric revealed: “We never lost our focus making sure that everything feels aesthetic for the show. Whether it was production design or costume design, everything felt authentic. We were focused to create an epic world that would indulge both our Paladins and our audience”, executive producers, from Scout Productions.

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