Salma Hayek to Replace Thandiwe Newton in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ will now star Salma Hayek replacing Thandiwe Newton in the production. She will be staring in the upcoming third and potentially final Magic Mike movie, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, instead of Newton.

Salma Hayek In ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

According to the Deadline report, Warner Bros. announced in their recent statement about Newton’s exit.  She is leaving the production due to a family issue.

Salma Hayek the last project was the Marvel movie Eternals. In contrast, News in All the Old Knives with Chris Pine. In addition, to also working in the Warner Bros.’ Reminiscence.

Although no official news has been released regarding the release date just yet for the new film.

A love Sequel

In an interview in February with ‘Variety’, Tatum and Carolin gave him regarding the plot. They revealed that the lead female role would play a crucial to the sequel’s plot for “Magic Mike Last Dance”.

Caroline at that time, said ” the story will be about a woman stuck at a horrible strip show like a Chippendales. Soon, she will then realize her situation. Questioning herself regarding, ‘What the hell am she is doing here?’”

“And then we see Magic Mike coming down from the ceiling to help her. She gets a chance to go down the rabbit hole. She will find the answer to the question of what she really wants.”

He claimed that the character is “really strong”. Even claiming it be almost as strong as Mike or more.” Considering the fact that he’s never done a love story. He added, ” I never directed a traditional love story, and the story is nowhere near a traditional love story.”

The Movie Recent Updates

 Salma Hayek
The Wrap

The latest Magic Mike film is being shot in London currently.  The film has decided to make its debut exclusively on the HBO Max platform. The script is authored by Reid Carolyn. He has also worked as a scriptwriter for the first two films. In addition, Steven Soderbergh joined back for his director’s chair. He had stepped aside from the role of director in the second movie, the Magic Mike.

In an interview with The New York Times, Executive producer and star Channing Tatum revealed that he has previously planned to make a stripper movie so good, that it would be enough. Which would result, in no need for another one ever again.

A Film Like No Other

In the interview, Tatum said that It’s going to be exquisite bonkers. Making it one of its kind. We’re kind of looking to aim for the best. Making it so excellent that there never be needs of another stripper movie after this one.”

As for the plot, Tatum quoted that, this movie would be not like others. It would feel just like “a fish-out-of-water story. Also, adding that the story would be a reverse-role Pretty Woman portrayal. Not missing the dance moves. The film would end up with a lot of dancing in it.”

The Magic Mike franchise is a successful one. Its current gross value for the first film is $167 million. While the second film brought the total for both movies to around $300 million total. Claiming a very successful stage show for the film. In addition, Magic Mike Live run is also part of major cities around the globe.

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