Hailey Baldwin Said Her Haters, Especially Selena Gomez’s Fan, To “Leave Her Alone”!

Hailey Baldwin is fed-up with the troll, especially Selena Gomez’s fans. It happens between celebrities that they get a lot of love but at the same time, they get a lot of hatred.

It is not just any normal people but sometimes it is their rivalry in a career as well as some past which they never want to open. Getting hatred from the fans of ex-partners or the ex of their partners is very normal in Hollywood.

Sometimes people don’t understand that their single comment and single hatred can lead up to some kind of depression and anxiety. The same happened with the model Hailey Bieber. Recently the wife of Justin Bieber has begged the fans of Selena Gomez to leave her alone.

We know that Hailey Bieber is known for her modeling as well as her business. She married Justin Bieber and the couple is still madly in love with each other. Apart from the love, the couple has also got a lot of hate from their heaters and also the fans of Selena Gomez.

There has been a lot of moment when we have seen the fans of Selena Gomez getting wild over the couple. That is the reason why the model came forward and back to the fans of singers to leave her alone.

Hailey Baldwin is Fed-up with the Hater

Hailey Baldwin

The 25-year-old model Hailey Bieber revealed it in a Tik Tok video that she posted on 12th April. She said in the video that she is totally minding her business. She also said that she is not doing any kind of thing and also not saying anything.

So that is the reason why they should leave her alone. Hailey has also written that there was a lot of time has gone by and that is the reason why it is totally worth leaving her alone. At last, she said she beg those people truly. It is her only request to those people. She also said they can become miserable somewhere else but not for Hailey Bieber.

In the video, she was seen in a black t-shirt and black aspects. The model has not revealed or directly said it to the fan of Selena Gomez but it is totally clear by her words. It was clear that she was talking about the EC of her husband.

The fans of Selena Gomez totally looking for Justin Bieber to go back to Selena Gomez. In the caption, she has written that it is for those people who comment something hatefully related to her in every post.

According to some fans and some reports, the model was bombarded this month by the messages of Selena Gomez fans. Hailey Bieber has posted a video in which we can see her lip-syncing a Tik Tok version of the song called One Time.

Some fans said that it was the track that Justin Bieber has sung for Selena Gomez. If we talk about some of the comments then one of the comments says that Selena Gomez is still pretty than Hailey Bieber because she is still very mature by heart.

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