Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck ‘Elaborate’ Wedding Plans, Click to Know

Jennifer Lopez Update: Following the announcement of their engagement last Friday, more details about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding are being revealed: ‘No expense will be spared,’ says the narrator.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are planning an incredible wedding, and our insiders have all the details! “Ben and Jen want an expensive and magnificent wedding, and no expense will be spared,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Even if they kept it private, between their families and children, it would be a big wedding whether they wanted it to be or not.”

The insider continued, “While the couple hasn’t decided on a date, they are both certain on the type of ceremony they want.” “They talked about it a lot back then, and nothing has really changed [since they were engaged the first time] except that they both now have to add more people to their guest list because they didn’t have kids back then,” the insider continued.

Furthermore, according to our source, Ben and Jen want to include their children in the wedding party because they are “becoming like family now.” Another huge news is that Jennifer Garner, Ben’s ex-wife, will be among the attendees.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck ‘Elaborate’ Wedding Plans

Jennifer Lopez

“She’s a part of Ben’s family,” the insider continued, “so there’s no reason she wouldn’t be invited.” “It’s up to her whether or not she wants to go. She’s become quite close to J.Lo, and the two are definitely on speaking terms. They understand the significance of this to their children.”

The insider went on to say that the ceremony will “most likely” take place in Los Angeles because it is the “easiest” location for everyone connected to the families.

They also chose “late summer or fall,” referring to the date falling under their Leo astrological sign. “This has been talked about and discussed since they were engaged the first time, as they honestly believe that something larger than themselves brought them together this time, as well as the first time,” the source revealed.

In terms of Ben’s ex-reaction girlfriends to the engagement, the actress appeared to be “totally positive” about the news, even congratulating the soon-to-be husband and wife.

“Jennifer Garner and Ben have been apart for a long time, and there is no reason for her to be upset about this,” the source explained. “She’s content if he’s clean and doing well, which he is and which are both really important to JLo. Both as mothers and as persons, the two ladies appreciate one other.

They have had multiple conversations and are on speaking terms. They understand that this marriage will bind them to each other’s families for the rest of their lives.”

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