Courteney Cox Reveals When Scream 6 Will Begin Production

Courteney Cox, who plays Gale Weathers in the famous Scream franchise, has revealed the start date for the next Scream 6.

Courteney Cox has confirmed the start date for Scream 6 filming. With the premiere of the 2022 iteration of Scream earlier this year in January, the actress returned to her classic role as Gale Weathers. Cox has played Weathers in all of the franchise’s installments and is reportedly preparing for the next one as well.

Scream 2022 brought Wes Craven’s famous franchise back to life in a huge manner. The latest film brought the Ghostface killer back to Woodsboro, passing the baton from late Craven (who died in 2015) to Ready or Not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

The film featured a meticulous critique of horror genre cliches, in this case, taking particular aim at the Force Awakens-Esque legacy fuel, in typical Scream form. Scream was a huge box office hit, in the end, even putting up a valiant fight against the box office juggernaut Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Courteney Cox Reveals When Scream 6 Will Begin Production

Courteney Cox

Because of the great popularity of the most recent installment in the Scream franchise, a sixth installment is unavoidable. However, it appears that the second film in the series will be released quite soon. In fact, Cox said during an appearance on the Just for Variety podcast (via Cinema blend) that she already has the script and plans to shoot in June.

As a result, spectators can rest assured that Scream 6’s story has already been written and sent to the performers. Currently, the sequel is slated to begin filming in Canada this summer, which means a 2023 release date is likely (barring unforeseen production delays). While it is now certain that Cox will return to the Scream universe in June, it is still unknown whether Neve Campbell’s Sydney Prescott will join Gale Weathers on the next adventure.

From a financial standpoint, a speedy turnaround on Courteney Cox Scream 6 makes a lot of sense. The latest picture was released more than a decade after Scream 4 and relied on audience nostalgia for that kind of horror. Now that the iron is hot, the next film’s creative team may strike quickly and build on the success of the previous one. For now, fans can only hope that Campbell reprises his role as Sydney and that these two iconic Scream characters survive the sequel.

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