Will there be Euphoria Season 3? And Some Questions Answered

Most of the Fans of Euphoria Will be thinking will there be Euphoria Season 3 or not, honestly “I don’t know either, however, all I…

Published: March 2nd, 2022 2:44 am | Updated: May 5, 2022 2:44 am

Most of the Fans of Euphoria Will be thinking will there be Euphoria Season 3 or not, honestly “I don’t know either, however, all I could say is there should be Euphoria season 3 as per the Ending of season 2.

There will be alot of questions in your head after watching the finale of the series. so let’s start with the questions.

Will Rue and Jule Ever be together or not In Euphoria Season 3?

 Euphoria Season 3

As far as we have watched in Euphoria Jule and Rue face a lot of ups and downs we can’t even imagine. We have seen them try to figure out their place and their importance in each other’s lives while they were facing their own problems.

In Season 2 when we started to feel that Rue is doing better, it’s then we saw she Was not her addiction to drugs and stuff was taking another turn, it was going out of control, and it not only affecting her it was affecting her loved ones as well as her mother, Jule, and best friend Lexi.

“It’s said you can love two people at the same time, however, there will be different how in the quantity and quality of your love, affection, and whatever you call it”. So for Rue, it was either drugs or Jules and some time, and she chose addiction.

As we have already seen in the last few episodes of Euphoria Rue and Jules meet on New Year’s eve and short out the things they had in their head and give their relationship a fresh start. After that we find Rue hiding the truth about her being sober and all, on the other hand, Jules was hiding something too, she was hiding that she was attracted to Elliot.

And one fine day when Elliots finds out his feeling towards Jules, it takes a huge turn, Elliot tells Jules he and Rue was doing drugs together. And boom Jules and Elliot go straight to Rue’s mom and inform her about the Rue doing drugs.

When Leslie got to know about Rue is using drugs she throws Rue’s suitcases without her knowing however it was never shown where is the suitcase, and we could see how frustrated Rue becomes. And When Rue finds out Jules and Elliot had told her mother about the drugs and all she tells Jules is that she hates her and that was the end of their relationship.

In the last episode of the series, we saw Rue and Jules playing sneak peek, however when Lexi’s Play ends Jules went to Rue and tells her, how she misses and loves her on the other hand Rue stands up and kisses Jules’s forehead and wents away, leaves Jules all alone and while she was leaving she says “Jules is her first love and wants it to be like that”. What does that mean, is Rue ready to moves on from Jules, we never know, however it is what it is.

Euphoria Season 3: Why Nate’s Dad Cal Is Arrested? What is the reason behind that?

Euphoria Season 3

In Euphoria We have seen all kinds of relationships, however, it was totally and not expected to see Nate and Cal’s Relationship like this. As far as we think after Cal’s mental/emotional breakdown that Nate and Cal have separated their way for good, and they will not encounter each other it was then when we saw Nate confronting his father Cal that get him into legal trouble.

Cal and Nate had a very good relationship with the child until Nate found out about his father hooking up with the strangers in some short of discs in his room.

No matter how bad their relationship was Nate always tried to protect his father, however, Cal never gave a damn about Nate. For Cal’s protection and his dignity, Nate scares Jules about the discs that have Cal and Jules’s lovely meeting.

After all, we witness was Cal breaking down and leaving his house to find himself.

At the end of season 2, we saw Nate being embarrassed at Lexi’s play and leaving mid-way angrily after that Nate goes to confront his father. While confronting Cal, Nate says he is the reason why Nate is underconfident about himself.

However, Cal apologizes and tells him that he is happy with is new life on the other hand all Nate wants is revenge. We see Nate with a loaded gun in his car and we might be thinking that it is the end of Cal, however, Nate did not take the matter into his hands and handover his dad to the police.

It was not revealed why Cal was arrested, however, we all know that Cal was involved in some s*xual misdeeds with some minors from time to time. So this could be the reason Cal was arrested.

Our Beloved Character Ashtray, Is he dead or alive?

Euphoria Season 3
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In Euphoria we met drug dealer brothers Ashtray and Fezco. And after some time they into trouble with the supplier Mouse. And they do what is right to save themselves, they kill Mouse, and you might have heard about karma, karma comes back for revenge.

Ashtray kills Mouse when he tries to be something extra than he ever was. It was a very bold move for a kid. However Ashtray was not a kid, all he was is Fezco’s business partner. After killing Mouse, Ashtray, and Fezco Dump his body away.

In the final episode of the series, Fezco was getting ready to attend Lexi’s play, however, he was not able to make it.
At the very unexpected moment, Custer comes to talk about Mouse’s death. And It was totally strange how somebody will talk about someone’s death, however, Fezco did not see that coming as he was getting ready to attend the play.

On the other hand, Ashtray was sitting behind observing all the things Custer was doing and after that, he gets a knife under his sleeves and sit next to Custer’s sofa. When Custer starts talking about the Mouse’s death Ashtray kills him, as he is known for his bold moves.

Fez tells Ashtray that he does not have to worry he’ll be taking the blame on this head, however, Ashtray had some other plans in his head, Ashtray went to seek guns and locks himself in the bathroom, on the other hand, Fezco was barging on the door to convince Ashtray to open the door and surrender but all his hopes ended in smoke.

And After Ashtray hurts an officer, it was then Ashtray decided his fate, he is dead and Fezco is left behind to grieve for his brother.