Zendaya Opens Up About Tom Holland’s Rizz, His Natural Gift!

Zendaya is among the most popular women in the world right now, and at the age of just 27, she has already achieved great heights in her career. The young actress is well known for her amazing acting and charismatic personality.

Her more than a decade-long career started as a child actor, and today she is not just an actor but also a singer.

Zendaya rose to fame after her scintillating performance and the success of the popular drama series Euphoria, and later her superb acting in Spider-Man: Homecoming established her as a top name in the Hollywood industry.

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Besides Zendaya’s successful rise as a superstar in Hollywood, her dating life has also been quite a special journey. Back in 2017, when Zendaya was shooting for Spider-Man: Homecoming, she met her co-star Tom Holland for the first time, and something special clicked between them right away.

They started seeing each other and eventually started dating in July 2017. It has been almost seven years since they started dating, and to this day, their love and admiration for each other have only grown. The two spent lots of time with each other during the Covid-19 lockdown and the love between the two only grew even more.

The most special thing about the two actors is that they never shy away from admiring each other at any chance that they get, and in a recent interview, Zendaya did the same.

While talking with BuzzFeed, the Euphoria actress was asked about someone who possessed “rizz,” to which Zendaya replied, “Mr. Tom Holland.

She further added that her boyfriend possesses more rizz than her as she considers herself shy and quiet which makes it difficult for her to open up that quickly, while she believes it comes naturally to Tom. Zendaya also highlights Tom’s interviews where he just steals the spotlight with his rizz.