Zendaya Promoting Challengers In White Tennis Dress at Milan Photocall!

The Dune star Zendaya was spotted in Italy Milan for promoting her upcoming new movie titled Challengers.

Zendaya opted for a white coordinating monochromatic look she wore a halter mini dress and paired white heels Blonde hair was short also she won minimal jewelry. The dress is from the Ralph Lauren brand which is a vintage dress that was previously worn by Cindy Crawford who is a supermodel.

Zendaya is always known for her bold outfits but now she is opting for chic looks because her looks are inspired by her movies. In the movie, Challengers plays the role of a tennis player who is transitioning into a coach.

In that response to wearing the dress, Cindy posted on an Instagram story while mentioning zendaya wearing a dress which is from Polo Ralph Lauren. She mentions that it offers her favorite dress.

Zendaya all going for a natural look and minimal makeup during the promotion of the movie. This is an inspiration from being a tennis player. A player always seems fit naturally and wears simpler clothes.

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Zendaya’s Dressing Game Is Always Top-Notch.


The journey from being a player to a tennis coach is all different. When you are a mentor you have to show them all of their flaws and their strong points and motivate them to become the best. This is the role of the coach and in life coach wins when her student wins.

We can hope that this movie will so many positive responses and themes that resonate with the people more.

Keep yourself more updated about what Zendaya going to wear next and let’s see from whom she going to take inspiration.

You can also watch the Challenger trailer on YouTube which can give a glimpse of the movie.

This movie will release on  26 April 2024 in United States theatres.

So mark your calendars and watch the movie while eating the popcorn.