The Last Kingdom Season 5 Confirmed Release Date on Netflix

The Last Kingdom Season 5 is coming very soon for the last time on Netflix, As the fifth season is going to be the last season and here we have some updated information which you should know about the historical drama series.

The Season 5 of the show was announced by the cast on youtube live video two years back on July 7th, 2020 and since then the fans were really very excited for the series as the cast had said that this will be the final season and story of The Last Kingdom Season 5 and all the characters will end here. But now in February 2022 the movie named “Seven Kings Must Die” has been announced which will tell the story after The Last Kingdom Season 5.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Announcement of the movie has been made by the producer of the show Nigel Marchant which filming will be done in 2022 after the release of the final chapter of “The Last Kingdom”.

Release Date of “The Last Kingdom Season 5”

The series’s last season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and hence the production started delayed in 2020 and it was started in Hugry’s Korda Studios somewhere in November 2020. Few photos from the set have also been shared by fan pages on Instagram.

And finally, the shooting for season 5 has been wrapped in June 2021 which has also been announced by the official Twitter handle of the show “The Last Kingdom”

Netflix has already announced a release date along with the first look of the show on Twitter and Youtube which is March 9, 2022.

Who will return in for the last time in the show?

The Last Kingdom Season 5 will be the final chapter in the series and hence all the characters need their justification and all the stories need a soft ending so that the story of the movie can be sewed from the ending of the last season.

The characters who may return in Season 5 are as follows as per IMDb:

  • Eliza Butterworth will be back as Aelswith
  • Alexander Dreymon will also reprise the role of Uhtred
  • Arnas Fedaravicius will come back as Sihtric
  • Millie Brady will also reprise her role of Aethelflaed
  • Emily Cox be back as Brida
  • Mark Rowley will reprise in the role of Finan
  • James Northcote will also be seen in the role of Aldhelm
  • Ewan Mitchell can be seen as Osferth
  • Timothy Innes will play the role of King Edward
  • Adrian Schiller will also reprise as Aethelhelm

New Cast in Season are Ewan Horrocks has joined the cast for the last season along with Ryan Quarmby, Phia Saban, and Harry Gilby.

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What after Season 5?

As we have mentioned above Season 5 will not be the last to the books (The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell) on which the series is based as the movie “SEVEN KINGS MUST DIE” has already been announced by Netflix and the producer of the show. As all the books in the novel series have not been covered by the series hence the movie will cover rest of the books.

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