Beyonce and Jay Z’s Daughter Blue Was Seen Enjoying At Super Bowl, Here Are The Details!

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Daughter were spotted at the Super Bowl 2022. Celebrities and their love life is one matter that is always in the news but when it comes to their kids then we know that they have a different kind of security for their kids.

Even after the security and protection, they are not able to keep their kids away from being the headlines of the news. We have seen many celebrity kids that are no more a kid in the fast-going world.

From North who is the master of TikTok, to the Stormi being the master of the house, we have seen it all. Now it is time for the daughter of Beyonce who showcases her dancing talent.

It was in the Super Bowl that we have spotted Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy. Blue is the eldest daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z. She is the eldest sister of the twins who are now 4 years old, they are Rumi and Sir. Blue has always been known for having or carrying a queen-like vibe, exactly like her mother. We have seen many little videos of her where we have found her with fashion and delicacy.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Daughter Blue


In the recent Super Bowl, we have seen that Blue was all in the mood to dance and to jump. She was wearing a loose shirt and was showing thumbs up to the dad who was showing him the phone to her. Blue is soon going to turn into a teen. She was wearing a funky shirt as well as a Pajama with sneakers.

We generally see that Beyonce and Jay Z are very protective regarding their kids and that is the reason why we get a very rare glimpse of the kids.

It was not just the Blue who was there. We have also seen the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West there who was ready to get captured by the cameras. She was also there to enjoy herself, fully in a party mood.

She was there with her baby brother Saint. If we talk more of the celebrity kids then we have also the son of Kate Hudson who was there enjoying. His name is Ryder.

The last glimpse of Blue that we have got before the Super Bowl was in the campaign that was organized by Beyonce in 2021. It was in November that we have seen her with the Rumi and Blue. After then it was very rare to see her.

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